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Masai Barefoot Technology

MBT: Masai Barefoot Technology. Since 1400 BC

MBT -- Masai Barefoot Technology -- is a revolutionary range of footwear, which re-establishes the natural conditions of standing and walking barefoot on natural terrain.

The Masai are a semi-nomadic tribe whose lives center around tending to their cattle. A consequence of this is that they walk long distances on a regular basis. As they walk on natural, uneven terrain, they develop toned, lean leg muscles, a perfect posture, and suffer very few back and joint complaints.

MBTs actually imitate the terrain the Masai walk on, and turn the hard and even surfaces that we walk on every day into the soft and natural ground of the Masai Mara. This causes our muscles to work harder and become the natural shock absorbers they were designed to be, thus protecting our back and joints.

Instead of a traditional heel, a heel sensor and pivot sole force us to balance and straighten up. With a more upright posture, we not only look better but we are healthier and automatically stronger. This design has some remarkable effects. It activates neglected muscle groups, improves posture, strengthens the back and in fact, MBTs are recommended by orthopedic and physiotherapy specialists across the world. It tones muscles and constantly works the legs, stomach, and buttocks. And to put your mind at rest, all the principles of MBT have been verified by the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary, one of the leading research centers on the body's bio-mechanical movements. So every time you wear them, you will feel the positive effects from your body.


Before you start wearing your MBTs, it is important for you to know that all the principles of MBT have been verified by some of the leading bio-mechanic and sport medical universities in the world. First, always make sure your MBTs are snug on the instep, tight on the heel, and comfortable around the toe. Walk in a relaxed manner with your shoulders loose, keeping the body in an upright position and look straight ahead rather than at the floor.

At the back of the sole you will feel a soft section. This is the heel sensor. As you walk, place your feet on the ground gently and compress the heel sensor. Roll your foot over the pivot as you would if walking barefoot in sand. Make sure that your legs are relaxed and do not pull the knee up. The motion that your feet should be going through with every step is -- Heel sensor, pivot, roll-off. Heel sensor, pivot, roll-off -- and so on.

An exercise you can try is jogging with small steps in high frequency. Make sure your whole body is relaxed, and that you maintain an upright posture. This will help relax your back muscles and straighten the spine. Once you feel comfortable with the movement, try walking at different speeds.

When standing still in MBTs, make sure that your feet are parallel and slightly apart. Find the middle of the MBT, and balance on it. This is the 'pivot.' You should experience the same feeling while standing. Do not let your feet fall inwards.

As with any exercise, it is better to wear MBTs frequently for a shorter period than occasionally for a longer period of time. Like any training program, this period of time will increase the more you wear them. When you first try your MBTs, you should wear them for as long as possible. Of course, take them off if you start to feel tired or experience any pain.

If MBT is to be used as an accompanying therapy to specific health problems, it is essential that you are supervised by medical professionals and therapists who are certified MBT trainers. If you are interested in personal training from one of our specialists, please check our website at www.mbt-info.com.


Just for a moment, think about how many steps you take every day. Now, think about how long you spend standing still every day. By wearing MBTs these situations would become a comprehensive workout. Due to the MBTs continually working your muscles and activating neglected muscles, you'll find your body changes for the better. Studies have shown that even just standing still balancing on the pivot engages and work the muscles. Specifically, MBTs can help tone the legs, stomach, and buttocks, promote weight loss, improve posture and gait, strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, and improve the movement of the musculoskeletal system.


We all know what it's like running on sand: soft, forgiving, but actually quite hard work. Because of the way MBTs work, running in them is very much like running on a beach. With the soft heel sensor and rolling action, your muscles have to work harder than normal and you'll be using muscles that are usually neglected when running in normal training shoes.

In fact, MBTs can help burn more calories than walking or jogging. More specifically, they can help to improve performance, activate neglected muscles, improve muscle coordination, provide a more efficient workout, improve your running technique, improve core stability, improve endurance, and prevent injuries, and reduce the time it takes for injuries to heal.


MBT offers much more than any other shoe or trainer. To make sure you maximize MBTs benefits, we have developed a fitness system. Training in MBTs reduces shocks to the skeleton by retraining the body to activate the larger skeletal and smaller postural muscles. This lifts and holds the body in a more upright state and redistributes shocks by sharing forces more evenly.

The training is gentle and provides stability like pilates, with dynamic rotational movements like gyrotronics. The workouts are also good fun just like an aerobics class and are run by certified trainers. Classes are available either on a one-to-one basis or in a group.


MBTs were initially developed to be used as medical equipment. In fact, MBTs are certified medical equipment, Class I in the E.C. Because of this, medical professionals across the world recommend the use of MBTs for the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of back, hip, leg, and foot problems, and joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries. Back problems especially are helped thanks to MBTs loosening muscle tension. This allows the body to return to its natural state of health and encourage its natural healing abilities.

Visit one of our designated medical specialists, who will suggest specific exercises or a rehabilitation program to suit an individual's needs. This may be for general well-being or for rehabilitation following an injury or accident.

If MBT is to be used as an accompanied therapy to specific health problems, it is essential that you are supervised by a medical professional. Using MBTs inappropriately can nullify their benefits and in some cases cause more harm than good. If you do not have a medical contact to provide you with advice, we offer a network of medical professionals and therapists.


The structure of the MBT -- One: Heel sensor. Two: Three-dimensional formed fiberglass carbon plate, hand coated with special textile on both sides. P: Pivot, with integrated, inclined stair step to simulate the activity of the muscle chains. Three: Rubber sole. Four: Swiss Masai formula P.U. mid-sole. The Swiss Masai heel sensor was developed particularly for MBT, and is one of the core elements of the sensor technology.

Number one, two, and letter P form the core of the MBT. It took 10 years of research to coordinate these sections to stimulate the muscles and biomechanical elements of the human body. The sandwich combination of the different materials enables the MBT unit to withstand the physical strain of millions of movements.


Here with what could be the invention of the century. Forget about Uggs. These are now the hottest shoes out there.

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