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Healthy Low Cost Gift Ideas

Categories of Gift Ideas

Here are several categories of gifts almost anyone would love, and some representative instances:

Aromatherapy: organic essential oils smell fantastic and can be used for a wide range of health benefits. For a tabletop device perfect for diffusing those essential oils and fragrances, we also sell a number of Ultrasonic Nebulizers or diffusers, and now carry several different types of lockets, necklaces or bracelets to emit therapeutic scents, as well.

Natural skin, hair and body care: We carry many lines of all-natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and other bath items that special someone is sure to enjoy. Free of harsh chemicals, natural hair dye, cosmetics (including nail polish) are popular gift items, as well. Or consider body care products, or a number of foot care products.

Kitchen Gadgets are a great gift category, whether for practical items under $20 for those on a budget (such as the Cover Blubber Food Savers, Prepara Prep and Deco Bottles, or even the Smart Kitchen Splash Protector) or for fun yet practical housewarming gifts (such as the Insta-Pull Wine Opener, or a Lemon Press. We have a wide selection of such items for up to about $60, such as the Chef's Basting Set (for dispensing hot butter or BBQ or roasting sauces), the Big Boss Slice-a-Roo Spiralizer, a Pepper Mill, or Garlic Presses or other Choppers & Graters.

Similarly, our broader Kitchen & Cookware category also has some fun, useful and ingenious devices, such as the Pineapple Slicer/Corer, the Silicone Steamer, or the Spanish Omelet maker, or the Bristle-Free BBQ Brush and we also have a fine selection of digital scales in the $50 to 90 range.


Joint or Muscle Pain aids: If you are looking for someone with tender joints or other aches and pains, consider these lower cost items in that category: the Wrist Sleeve or Knee braces by Incredibrace, or the Thera Toes by Relaxus. There are also numerous dietary supplements available to help in this category, including Supreme Collagen.

And let's not forget the Relaxation/Massage category. Among its lower cost items are the Relaxus Harmony Rollers, or choose from a selection of Massage oils. There are also related items in the Healing Creams and Ointments category.

Natural Health Books are good gifts to help people explore healthier lifestyles, ways of preparing food, or approaches to healing or improving their mind or body. For example, Brad King's Dirty Diets, or Victoria Boutenko's Green Smoothie Revolution. (Note, there are many more titles available in-store than are listed online.)


Baby Products: Going to a baby shower? Or want to include something for the little one under the Christmas tree? We carry a number of products for babies in our Children and Infants category, and see also our Children's Skin/Body Care category.

Aviva also carries many types of healthy snack products such as Ginger Chews, Giddy Yoyo, or Alter Eco Organic and Fairtrade Chocolate Bars which make great stocking stuffers.

Gift Ideas for Specific Types of People (in various cost ranges):

For Budding Gardeners / Green Thumbs
-A.Vogel - Biosnacky Classic Germinator
-Seracon - Children's Gardens
-Eco-Culture - Greetings That Grow
-assorted Seracon - Growing Kits

For those who could use some Relaxation
-Colour Energy – Colour Bath
-Ancient Minerals - Magnesium Bath Flakes
-Spa Relaxus - Collagen Eye, Face, Lip Treatments
-Natural Soaps / Washes

For the Tea Lover
-My Cup of Tea - assorted loose tea blends
-Aviva - Certified Organic Matcha Tea
-Multiflask - 1 System, 6 Bottles
-Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

For Coffee Connoisseurs
-Arctic - Cold Brew System
-Frog Friendly Wild Harvested Coffees
-Aeropress Coffee Maker

For a Fitness Junkie
-Omron - Pocket Pedometer
-Relaxus - Exerfit Resistance Bands
-Relaxus - Balance Fitness Toner

For those who could use A Better Sleep
-Sound Oasis - Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System
-Illumy Sleep & Wake Mask
-Philips - Wake-Up Light - HF3520/60
-Relaxus - V.I.P. Eye Shades

If You Don’t Know What To Buy…
-Incredisocks (assorted)
-Collis-Curve - Curved Bristle Toothbrush
-T-Zone - Himalayan Salt Lamp
-Heavenly Scent - Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
-Pure Hazelwood - Bracelets or Necklaces

For The Fun Friend…
-Trudeau Automatic Corkscrew
-Chateau Spill - Red Wine Remover
-Himalaya - PartySmart
-ALLNatural - Clear Head Natural Hangover Preventer

For Kids
-Assorted Board Games
-Piggy Paint - Natural Water-Based Nail Polish
- Snails – Washable Nail Polish

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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