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Careers at Aviva

Currently Hiring: Sales Consultant - Retail

About Aviva

Founded in 2001, Aviva Natural Health Solutions is my personal concept of what a health and wellness company should be. Aviva is a natural health products store and online retailer with one of the largest selections of natural health products in the world. Browse our website or visit our retail location to learn more about the wide range of products and services offered.

Manitoba’s Fastest Growing Business, 2008

Aviva was honored in 2008 by Manitoba Business Magazine as Manitoba's fastest growing business.  Due to our rapid growth we are looking for mature, enthusiastic, hard working individuals with good people skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, basic Internet usage, and accurate keyboarding (30 WPM minimum) are required for this position.  Qualified candidates must be detail oriented, display good time management, organizational, and note taking skills.

Training in the area of health and nutrition is not a prerequisite for employment. Some of our best employees had no interest or knowledge in the field of natural health when they joined Aviva, but they were interested in learning and fascinated by the potential of how the knowledge acquired could be used to help improve their health, and the health of friends and family. The concepts embraced and taught at Aviva, including proper food preparation, the importance of exercise, diet, and rest and stress reduction are valuable life skills which will provide lifelong health benefits.  Of course if you have an interest in health, nutrition, fitness and food preparation, Aviva could be your dream career.

Desirable Qualities of an Aviva Natural Health Advisor

Aviva sales associates and customer service representatives are called Aviva Natural Health Advisors, as they advise customers seeking natural solutions to their health concerns. As an Aviva Advisor your responsibility is to ensure that every customer who shops at Aviva, either online, by phone, or in our retail stores is so happy with the shopping experience that they will become repeat customers and tell their friends about Aviva. Aviva Advisors are empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers and Aviva, and are expected to exercise maturity, good questioning and listening skills and common sense. 

Aviva Advisors are trained in all areas, including working with customers in a retail setting, providing telephone sales and support, learning how to process online sales, shipping and receiving, inventory maintenance, placing orders with vendors, answering a multi-line telephone system, filing, faxing, and booking consultations.

With a clinical practice as a nutritional therapist, I subscribe to approximately 20 monthly medical journals and health related publications to keep abreast of the latest research in the field of natural health, but my research doesn’t stop with nutrition. I research every product category, from air and water purification systems to cookware. My customers know they don’t have to do the research when they are looking for the best product, because I’ve done it for them. 

A tremendous benefit to all Aviva Advisors are regular morning training workshops provided by manufacturer and distributor representatives, experts in the field of natural health and me. These morning training sessions often focus on the treatment of specific health conditions using natural products, or how specific natural products can be used to heal. In addition, you will learn about the many different product lines carried, their features and benefits.

Product Lines

Product lines sold at Aviva include vitamins, nutritional supplements, pet food and pet health products,  air purifiers, water filtration and purification systems, beds and sleep products, healthful seating solutions and full spectrum lighting that can reduce eye strain and symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Aviva carries state of the art gourmet cookware, including new non stick products that are free of PTFE (Teflon) and PFOA, and healthful kitchen products including juicers, blenders, grain grinders, dehydrators, and soymilk making systems.

As research has proven that gum disease (gingivitis) is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cancer, Aviva carries a selected line of oral health products including the award winning Hydrabrush, which reduces proper brushing time from 4 minutes to 40 seconds or less. Aviva has a selection of natural soaps and environmentally safe “green” cleaning and personal care products, exercise and fitness products, hair and skin care (including hair color) products, and physiologic footwear and foot health products. Aviva employees are trained to be knowledgeable in every category through regular educational seminars.

Consider Aviva a Career, Not Just a Job

I feel that the achievement of optimum health should be the number one priority for everyone. One of Aviva's guiding principles is that it is much easier to maintain and improve our health while we are healthy than to regain it once it has been lost. Aviva is also about prevention. Clinical studies have proven that a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, etc.) can lower your risk of illness and disease.

Aviva employees are a group of people with a diverse skill set.  We have employees with backgrounds in science, nutrition, medicine, marketing, management, music, photography, finance, and computer technology.

Work At AvivaWe offer competitive wages, a friendly, relaxed working atmosphere, continuous learning, and the potential for advancement.  Employees also receive low cost dental, extended health and life insurance benefits and the most generous staff discounts in the industry.

If you are mature, enthusiastic, sincere, hard working, have good organizational skills, can multi task in a busy working environment, have a passion for learning, can retain new information and knowledge (a good memory is vital for this position), value accuracy and detail, enjoy dealing with the public, have a clear and understandable speaking voice, are interested in learning about natural health principles and their application for healing, and are looking for a career with a fast growing company with a warm, friendly, team oriented working environment, please forward your resume to careers [at] aviva [dot] ca.

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