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The Benefits of Humidification

Air purification and humidification have to play a key role in our efforts to obtain the optimum room climate for the protection of our health.

A good humidifier helps you maintain your most important air purifier, your own body! When dry air dries out your eyes, nose and mucus membranes you are more susceptible to pollution in the air including viruses and bacteria.

Proper humidification reduces discomfort, tiredness, sickness.

Breathing dry air makes the uptake of oxygen and its subsequent transfer to the blood system more difficult. Fatigue, tiredness, headache and reduced concentration levels are symptoms of a reduced oxygen supply.

Proper humidification reduces susceptibility to colds.

The self-cleansing function of the windpipe is affected by dry air. The consequences: increased susceptibility to infections and respiratory tract complaints.

Proper humidification reduces chapped lips, dry, red eyes and dry, itchy skin.

As much as 60 percent of the human body is composed of water. When the air around you is dry it will draw moisture from any available source, including human cells, membranes and even your skin and lips causing drying and irritation. Adding moisture to the air eliminates the need to seek moisture from other sources.

Proper humidification helps your baby to feel and sleep better.

Dry air causes discomfort in even the smallest of humans. Properly humidified air reduces the amount of dust in the air and the drying of air passages, which could impact breathing and sleep. A content baby tends to sleep well, providing a restful night for everyone in the house.

Proper humidification can help you recover sooner from a cold.

Everyone knows there is no cure for the common cold yet. However, proper air humidification can alleviate dry air passages and nasal membranes, which allows you to rest better. Plenty of rest enables the body to recover sooner.

Proper humidification reduces damage to wooden objects.

Furniture and other wooden objects have a dull surface in dry room air. They dry out and eventually cracks will appear.

Proper humidification reduces levels of dust.

Humidity binds dust. Dry room air causes dust to rise, a condition made worse by the thermal currents created by the furnace.

Proper humidification reduces the negative effect of the home environment on musical instruments.

Low moisture content in room air will cause musical instruments to go out of tune.

Proper humidification reduces static electricity charge.

Moisture in the air prevents the build up of static electricity. In the summer air is more humid and static electricity does not build up as much as in the winter, when air is dryer. Static electricity, even small amounts, can be annoying when it charges clothing, carpeting, metallic furniture and doorknobs, and even your hair. In large amounts, static electricity could be harmful to electronic equipment. Proper humidification in your home or office can decrease or eliminate static electricity, reducing the chance of damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Proper humidification helps to keep your voice tuned.

Proper humidification helps keep the throat and nasal passage clear, and prevents respiratory ailments, which can harm the human voice. It is widely reported that some professional singers keep several (as many as 100) humidifiers in their home, creating a near steam bath-like environment.


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