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mykind Organics - Non-GMO Whole Food Supplements

How mykind Organics Came To Being

Newly available in Canada, the mykind Organics brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements was created in the United States by Garden of Life in collaboration with the actress Alicia Silverstone, who developed an interest in and became an advocate for eating healthy, whole foods after becoming a vegan, and named the line after her best-selling book, The Kind Diet.

As Ms. Silverstone explains in these and related videos and interviews, the collaboration was initiated when she was pregnant, and was advised to take a prenatal vitamin to ensure she was getting enough nutrients whenever she was not preparing her own meals as usual. She did some research, and found none of the existing lines met all her criteria, of being: vegan, made exclusively from organic whole food sources, and with no GMO ingredients, or synthetic ingredients as binders, fillers, flow agents, or coatings. So she approached various companies about creating some which do all that, and found a meeting of the minds with Garden of Life, who have been rolling out a series of products fulfilling all those criteria ever since.

Of course, given both how most vitamins are made (synthetically), and how relatively uncommon and expensive it is to source a stable supply of organic, non-GMO foods, it turns out it's incredibly difficult to develop multivitamins or targeted nutrients made only from real, whole, Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified foods -- which is likely why it'd never been done before.

It took years of innovation and patience for Garden of Life to accomplish all this. Their extended family of organic farmers provides the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that make up mykind Organics' personalized, whole food formulas. Each tablet or spray provides clean, whole food, perfect nutrition.

In addition, for those multivitamins or other supplements which do come in tablet form, mykind Organics is the first brand to utilize "Clean Tablet Technology" -- a patent-pending process that uses only organic, whole food ingredients like tapioca to help bind the various components together into a stable shape and coat them to make them smooth enough so they don't jam up the machinery as they're made or stick in our throats. (While other companies tend to use synthetic binders, fillers or lubricants or flow agents not found in foods, such as magnesium stearate.)

In sum, in addition to being made exclusively with organic whole foods, mykind Organics stands apart because they're the only currently available brand of vitamins and supplements that's dual certified: whose ingredients are both Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Its products have also independently certified as being both Vegan and Gluten Free.

mykind Organics Canada

Garden of Life mykind Organics products carried at Aviva:

- Men's Multivitamins (Once Daily & 40+)

- Organic Plant Collagen Builder

- Organic Plant Calcium

- Prenatal Once Daily Multivitamin

- Vitamin B-12 Spray

- Vitamin C Spray (in 2 flavours)

- Vitamin D3 Spray

- Women's Multivitamins (Once Daily & 40+)

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