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Gluten-Free Dining and Shopping

Aviva - Gluten Free FoodsAn increase in awareness of the health benefits of gluten-free dieting as well as dietary conditions like gluten intolerance (celiac disease) has led to a wider availability of gluten-free foods on store shelves and gluten-free options in restaurants. In Winnipeg, there are a number of retail stores and restaurants that now offer some gluten-free choices.

At Aviva, we're proud to offer a selection of gluten-free products including green foods and nutritional supplements and a variety of different gluten-free foods included flours, seeds, grains, bread, condiments, cosmetics, cereals, snacks, baking mixes, cookies, pastas and more. Not all items are appropriate for shipping, but many of the gluten free products available in our store are also available online.

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Local Winnipeg restaurants with some gluten-free menu offerings include:

* Bellissimo
* Buccacino's
* Cafe Carlo
* Cake-Ology
* Calm Unity Cafe
* The Chocolate Shop
* Dandelion Eatery
* Dacquisto
* Eat Bistro
* Fresh Cafe
* Fude
* Joey
* Kay's Delicatessen
* The Keg
* Mona Lisa
* Mondragon
* Moxie's Classic Grill
* Oma's Bakeshop
* Organic Planet Co-op
* Pasquale's
* Peaks
* Pollo Volante
* Resto Gare
* Tall Grass Bakery

In addition to Aviva, some other Winnipeg gluten-free retailers include:

* Bulk Barn
* Eat it
* Lorenzo's Specialty Foods
* St. Norbert Farmer's Market
* Meyer's Drugs
* Vic's Fruit Market

Additional Resources:

* Celiac.com
* Canadian Celiac Association (Manitoba Chapter)
* The Celiac Scene
* Gluten Free Registry
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