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Nathan Zassman discusses Aviva Natural Health Solutions on CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Orginally Aired on September 11, 2010.

CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Lorne Edwards:  Good afternoon. Welcome to another edition of "Talk to the Experts" on CJOB. I'm Lorne Edwards, and with me this hour on the program, from Aviva Natural Health Solutions at 1224 St. James Street right at the corner of St. James and Wellington, is Nathan Zassman. I have to tell you right now, I have a new favourite store in Winnipeg. I was in Aviva earlier today. Nathan, we met for the first time yesterday, but you said, "You gotta come down, and see what we do here". Boy, when that sign outside the store says, "Aviva: *Everything* for Healthy Living", you are not kidding.

Now when one hears about a natural health store one automatically ... the idea of vitamin supplements sort of pops into your head and that certainly is the case, you do have vitamin supplements. As we are going to hear in this hour not just any ordinary vitamin supplement, but we'll get to that.

Nathan Zassman:  Mmm hmm.

Lorne Edwards:  You have a broader concept when it comes to healthy living because this looks after you from head to toe. Tell me where you came up with this concept.

Nathan Zassman:  Well, when I founded Aviva Natural Health Solutions, Lorne, about 10 years ago, I tried to identify, based on what people do each day, how I could make health improvement easier. I wanted to approach health from a standpoint of prevention, because it's always easier to maintain our good health than it is to regain it once it's been lost. But, I also wanted to create a company that offered solutions to just about every health concern. Aviva is all about solutions, Lorne. We have over 7,000 products with professionals who are well trained that can provide answers to our customers' health concerns. So my approach, basically, is to provide solutions and to find products that can be integrated into our lifestyles.

So, I really thought about every aspect of what we do every day. You know, we have to walk. So I looked for shoes that could enhance our lives and our health just by walking in them. We found a pair that were designed in Switzerland, which has been one of our best selling products for the past five or six years. These are shoes that have a Medical Device Establishment License. They're covered by most insurance plans and simply by wearing these shoes you can improve or lessen back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. There are many clinical studies to support the use of these shoes for all of these issues. When our customers put them on, they're just amazed at how instantly their posture is corrected; they just feel better. It also firms your muscles up in the legs and buttocks.

We have a customer, who recently purchased these shoes who had a long term injury. It was about 20 years, from a martial arts ... I guess some of these martial arts, they kick a lot, and he had a toe injury. For 20 years he'd worn all the normal types of therapeutic shoes that you can purchase, Lorne, and none of them made any difference. I said, "Listen, give these a try, and see what you think." So he came to our store. We have a specialist named Romann at our store who's been trained by the experts from Switzerland on these shoes. He put them on, and I'm not kidding, I'd say within minutes for the first time in 20 years the pain in his toes vanished. And he couldn't believe it.
In fact, he has already bought more than one pair, and he has a friend that's a very well known sports physician in the city, who has a similar injury, I think they were perhaps at the same... sometimes they were in the same perhaps martial arts club or something. He told him about these shoes. He came to our store, he tried them on, he had the same result. He called me up and he told me he'd be sending all of his patients to our store to buy these shoes because he is so impressed with how quickly they can make an improvement in your health.

Lorne Edwards:  Well. You know, and I don't want to do some name dropping but you were telling me earlier that there are some celebrities that use these shoes.

Nathan Zassman:  Oh yeah.

Lorne Edwards:  So there is reason.

Nathan Zassman:  Lots of lots of well known celebrities wear them. They are quite the ... I mean I could list probably 50 or 60 well known movie stars that support and wear the shoes. And believe me they don't wear them for their style, because they're not that stylish.

Lorne Edwards:  Well I don't know because I was looking and there seems to be a great variety of them.

Nathan Zassman:  Yeah, that's true.

Lorne Edwards:  It's not like you have to pick out your solid black colour boring shoe. But I'll tell you, it's amazing what a difference just the right pair of footwear is ... I mean when you think about the number of hours you spend at a day in your shoes what a difference that can make to the quality of your life.

Nathan Zassman:  And you know it's interesting, we really do stress customer service at our store. And today in the store before I came to the show today to see you, there were customers trying on these shoes and they were working with Roman for at least two or three hours. Two or three hours, he was teaching them how to walk in the shoes, they were trying different pairs on. And I know that I saw them, when they walked in it was around 12:00 and I left for show today after 3:00 and they were still in the store. So, anyway it's an important aspect of our company because naturally you have to walk, and if you can enhance your health by walking you should.

Lorne Edwards:  Yeah. And I mean if you talk you have got some hip problems or knee problems or whatever, I mean why not start with the best kind of footwear you can get to accommodate that to encourage walking properly.

Nathan Zassman:  You know it's interesting when you go to an orthopedic specialist or foot specialist with these types of problems, if you have knee, hip or back problems they rarely will tell you to look at changing your shoes or footwear, they'll usually prescribe some type of a painkiller or drug to minimize the symptoms but not really doing anything to correct the cause which often is poorly designed footwear.

Lorne Edwards:  Alright. Nathan there is so much we are going to have to talk about. And we are going to move along for a second, we are going back to shoes.

Nathan Zassman:  All right.

Lorne Edwards:  I've got to ask you about those funky looking chairs that you see right when you walk in the door and they're to in your left and it looks a big round ball but there is an apparatus supporting the ball. Tell me about these.

Nathan Zassman:  Well, this called the Aviva Fitness Ball Chair and this is quite something. This is actually one of the bestselling products in our store. We sell an average of about more than one per day, over 400 chairs per year. And we sell them to government, to offices, to individuals. And basically, the design of this chair where you are sitting on an exercise ball in a frame, forces you to use your core muscles so that that there are many health benefits to sitting in this chair. Normally when you sit in a chair what do you do? You lean against the back, you slouch. When you sit in this type of chair it forces you to sit more erect, it forces you to use your back muscles more correctly and so there are many, many health benefits and many people sit for 8-10 hours a day.

Lorne Edwards:  And when they do and sometimes you get like a tingling in your fingers or numbness or whatever. You say I've got to get up and walk around or something because it's just painful to sit there hours on end.

Nathan Zassman:  Actually, the fitness ball chair is a product that we brought in about five or six years ago. But about 10 years ago when we first started the business at Aviva, I found out about a chair called Swopper. And for those of you who are watching and have access to a computer, if you are going to our website avivahealth.com, if you type Swopper in the search bar you will learn about a chair that was actually originally designed as chair to correct back problems. The Swopper looks like a stool, it has a height adjustment, a spring tension adjustment, a side to side motion adjustment. And this is actually the best chair ever designed for people with back problems, and many insurance companies apparently will cover this chair as well. The Swopper is the ultimate if you are looking for a chair to improve your health. The Aviva Fitness Ball Chair is a low cost alternative which is also very effective.

Lorne Edwards:  And I guess it doesn't matter, young or old, we are all going to benefit.

Nathan Zassman:  We actually sell a childrens' version of the chair.

Lorne Edwards:  Very neat and very practical, and why not get into some good habits? Going to break right now for the weather, but there is so much that we want to talk about in this program, and we got to talk about kitchenware. I love that juice counter that's in the makings, and you got the counter down there. Oh, I tell you, there are so many products you are going to hear about in this hour. Most exciting, and as well, vitamin supplements. We are going to get down to the nitty gritty. I got to tell you I got a light bulb here in the newsroom that I got from Aviva earlier today, the SunLife air purifying full spectrum light bulb. And this is really cool, I'll get Nathan to explain about this. When we come back, just a reminder, in this hour, Nathan Zassman is here from Aviva Natural Health Solutions at 1224 St James Street, St James at Wellington. Brand new bright beautiful clean store, you'll love it. 1224 St James Street at Wellington. For the record, their phone number, too is (204) 947-6789. Back in a moment on CJOB's Talk To The Experts.

Lorne Edwards:  I'm Lorne Edwards and my guest is Nathan Zassman of Aviva, everything for healthy living, at 1224 St James. St James and Wellington. Nathan, we're going to get back to the shoes in a second, but I couldn't help but notice the beds that you have in your store. I mean, you got to tell me the story behind the beds, before I get to what I consider ... before I tell about the punch line and certain curtains are there.

Nathan Zassman:  Well, achieving a good night rest is critical to a healthy immune system, a clear mind, good memory, stress control, and the ability to focus and think clearly. Once in a while, I'll actually have a customer that will come to my store and will say to me, "Nathan, do you have a supplement to help me improve my memory?". And the first thing that I will ask that particular customer is how much sleep they got last night. And if they say they got less than eight hours, I will tell them, "Well, get more sleep and ask me if you have the same problem." Because I know that most people, if they don't get a good night's rest, will have difficulty with memory.

You know a good night's rest, if you don't get it, it can affect your productivity, your work can suffer, you'll be more prone to depression, fatigue, irritability. And sleep deprivation increases the risk of a motor vehicle accident or heavy machinery accident. They say over 100,000 accidents a year, Lorne, are caused because of sleep deprivation. So when I learned about this, I wanted to bring in a line of beds that were clinically proven to help you sleep better. And I found a line of beds in Ontario by a company called Natura, that used all natural materials, no chemical fire retardants. And these beds also integrate wool into the design on the bed. And they also use natural latex which is from the rubber tree, not synthetic chemical produced rubber.

Lorne Edwards:  And this wool is key, isn't it?

Nathan Zassman:  The wool is very important. You know, wool is a natural temperature stabilizer. We, on average, will perspire about a pint of water every night, and that water ... actually, that perspiration, goes into our bed. If you are sleeping on wool, the wool whisks the moisture away and then gradually releases it into the environment, so that you are not sleeping in a moist environment. And by the way, when you sleep in a dry environment, it also is less attractive to dust mites, bacteria, etc.

Lorne Edwards:  I know you have pillows as well and I'm going to talk about that, and also we are going to hear from a special guest, Jerry. We were talking about footwear a little earlier in the program, he has a neat story to tell. And we'll do all that after a break for the sports. Aviva, Literally everything for healthy living at 1224 St James Street, St James at Wellington. Back in a moment on CJOB's Talk To The Experts.

Announcer:  Complete information, expert advice, this is Talk to the Experts on CJOB.

Lorne Edwards:  I'm Lorne Edwards and my guest is Nathan Zassman of Aviva. Everything for healthy living 1224 St James Street at Wellington and while we are ... I tell you right now. We've just touched the surface on some of the issues. I mean, 6,000 carefully selected natural health products that I'm sure that is no exaggeration when you walk in to the store. And I know one guy who has been there is Jerry and Jerry, you ... I take it ... I mean you tell your story, but it was the footwear, was it not that first got you through the doors?

Jerry:  Absolutely. I had difficulties Lorne, for years because I've been doing karate for well over 35 years and I had injuries that were sustained on my big toe. Because of that, it resulted in loss of the cartilage and also, basically, turned them into bone on bone. So every time I would take a walk, my toe would act like a toothache. And anyways, for years I was going to different doctors, and orthotics to try -- nothing seemed to help. Anyways, I came into Aviva and I saw that they handle everything under one roof. In fact, I said to Nathan, this is the kind of store that you would see in New York,  I was that impressed. I've been to different stores all across Canada and also in the US. Nathan has everything under one roof. So, anyways, I put on this MBT shoes. They looked a little but different and anyway, Roman said, "Here take a walk." and I did, and I wore them for about five minutes and I looked at Roman and I said, "I'm taking these." You won't believe this, but after 20 years of pain with my big toe that has been driving me crazy, the pain was a 100% gone." And I just said this is absolutely incredible.

Lorne Edwards:  So we are not talking a little bit better. We're not talking 50%, you're saying a 100% gone?

Jerry:  100%. My father was a doctor and I asked him what could be done. Actually, nothing. In fact, I even entertained the thought of getting surgical implants on the big toe. Somebody said, "Jerry, I'd be careful because if a complication occurrs, it could turn into something worse than what you ended up going in for". So, as they say, I had very few alternatives and nobody could help me. As I say, I spent thousands of dollars, on different products and so on, orthotics. Nothing helped. This works 100%. Now I can walk my dog for miles, pain free. I can go for walks again. Before I was sort of hesitant, to put any pressure on it, but now I'm free. Free of all pain -- 100%.

Lorne Edwards:  Boy. I'm sure glad to hear that, Jerry. I don't want to jump ahead of ourselves here, but I know -- and we've got something in the studio here, something that you also got at Aviva. Tell me about this toothbrush.

Jerry:  The toothbrush, I've got to tell you. Like I say, Nathan has done so much research, and I have to emphasize this. Because, I've gone to different health stores and so on. A lot of them don't know what they're selling. When I stepped on with Nathan, he takes the time to explain to his staff, they know what they're talking about. He has a tremendous passion for everything that he sells. I haven't really met anybody like Nathan. He's sincere, I've been taking vitamins and things for years. Now he's my mentor because I can take the right product for the right situation. Getting back to the toothbrush, he had told me about this toothbrush that was different. And I said, "Well, how is it different?

He said, "Jerry, how long do you take to brush your teeth?". I said about five minutes. He said, "What happens if I show you a toothbrush that would take about 40 seconds, and do a better job and your gums would be stronger and so on"? I said, "This is fantastic". Because, Lorne, I commute every day from Gimli to Winnipeg and time is very important for me. I'm a very busy businessman. Five minutes can be like an hour to me, so when he told me 30 seconds -- this is fabulous. I purchased it. It has two heads opposing one another so when you put it into your mouth it's doing the top and bottom at the same time. As soon as I walked into the house my wife looks at me and said "Now what do you have, Jerry?"

I said well I bought a toothbrush. "Let me see it." All of a sudden she sees it and I tell her it only takes 30 seconds to brush your teeth. She says, "Jerry, I want one of those". So she's using it. I use it. It is the best toothbrush I've ever used. Like I say, quality well outlasts the price. So I'm sold on it.

[This short section removed from YouTube Audio -- Edited for time ]

Lorne Edwards:  Nathan, lean into the mic there and get the toothbrush. We've got to hear.

Nathan Zassman:  That's what it sounds like when it's running. Can you hear that?

Lorne Edwards:  It's nice and soft. It's interesting. You've got a couple of gizmos going up and down there. You showed me -- demonstrated in the studio, Nathan, and I can see why that would cut down and time, and also, be extremely thorough. You say, there are even dentists now, who are referring some of their patients to say, this is what you want.

Nathan Zassman:  We have, I'd say a high percentage of our customers have been referred to us by dentists now. But, dentists and periodontists in the United States, well it won "Best oral appliance of the year", a couple of years ago. It also won an award by I think the American Arthritis Association, Lorne, because you basically don't have to grip it. You can almost hold it with one figure, it's so well balanced the way they designed it.

Lorne Edwards:  I don't have a show of hands here about how many, it may be elderly folks, it may be others, but it becomes a real chore because you want to do a thorough job, you're at it a long time, the wrist is getting sore, the arms -- whatever, but this is trouble free.

[Audio resumes]

Nathan Zassman:  It's interesting, when I first started using the HydraBrush, and I've been using it now for a couple of years, I actually had bleeding gums for about three or four days because I had not been brushing my teeth properly, probably ever before. And this brushes your gums properly. So my gums were actually bleeding for two, three, four days and then that went away and now my gums went from red to pink and they have been healthier ever since.

Lorne Edwards:  So you brought a study in this afternoon with you that speaks to oral health and when we talk about cardiovascular health. I mean everybody thinks about high cholesterol and such. But oral health, I mean that is key isn't it?

Nathan:  Well, actually, that is interesting because the British Journal of Medicine in May just published a very interesting study that found that, in this study, that poor oral health increased your risk of heart disease by 70%, even after other risk factors such as obesity, smoking and family history of heart disease were factored out.

Lorne Edwards:  Right.

Nathan Zassman:  So this isn't new information but this study was with 11,869 men and women, Lorne -- average age of 50. So, if you don't brush your teeth properly, you are not only increasing your risk of gum disease, but the infection in the mouth, actually, ends up causing artifacts that go in the blood vessels to cause heart disease and cancer.

Lorne Edwards:  Listen, Jerry, thanks so much, for telling us your story this afternoon. But just before you go, if you don't mind. I mean I've sort of given listeners a glimpse of what struck me, when I entered Aviva today and looked around for the first time. It is my new favorite store in Winnipeg. What strikes home for you, all about Aviva and Nathan's work?

Jerry:  Well, you know what? As I've said before, for years, I have taken different vitamins and different apparatus and so on. It is a one stop shop. Everything is under one roof. He handles the best quality products. He is extremely knowledgeable with the staff and that's the biggest thing. I see things that I have never seen before. He has done the research. I often asked him, "How do you come across this?". He said, "Jerry, I subscribe to thirty, forty different journals". He's always reading. Always staying right on top of it. And if I have an issue with something, he'll say, "Jerry. This is something I would recommend." I look at it, why. He'll give me the whole rundown. In most cases, he knows the people who created the product, who have done these studies and so on. Again, he's done all the homework. Basically, the easy part is to say - Nathan, what should I take?

Lorne Edwards:  Jerry, thank you very much. We appreciate your time. So whether it is this toothbrush that you are interested in. We talked about the need to -- chairs. We talked about the beds and of course, Jerry's story, we talked about the footwear. But we are going to talk about vitamin supplements as well when we come back. Also, I got to touch on this "Vitamix" that Jerry has as well. Talk a little bit about kitchen items and food preparation because they look after you as well when it comes to that at Aviva, 1224, St James Street, St James at Wellington. You can go online. Check out the store at avivahealth.com, avivahealth.com. The phone number is (204) 947-6789. Back in a moment at CJOB Talk to the experts.

Lorne Edwards:  I'm Lorne Edwards with Nathan Zassman of Aviva. Everything for Healthy Living, 1224 St James at Wellington. And Nathan, what struck me too when I went over to the segment of your store that deals with supplements is how well organized you are. I think you were explaining to me -- 'I haven't got things sort of categorized to your company to company. I've got it very customer friendly. If you've got a joint problems if you've got a arthritis problems ... If you got whatever. It easy to find.' --  and also a very knowledgeable staff.

Nathan Zassman:  Yeah, I thought it was better. Many companies, what they do is they'll group supplements by the company that produces them. And by the way, from an inventory standpoint. It is a lot easier to do that. If you are trying to count inventory, you can just go from one supplier to the next and you can find out what you have. We didn't do it the easy way. We decided it would be easier for our customers who are coming in, looking for solutions to find the solutions grouped in one area. So if you are looking for example, for a, product for arthritis, or for sleep or stress or anxiety or women's or men's specific health issues -- osteoporosis. We have a whole section devoted to different types of cleanses. So we have specific sections in our store where all of these products are grouped together so you can see them all and compare them. It's easier to do that way.

Lorne Edwards:  Now talk about, you had a great story about a lady who came into your store and she was after, what, vitamin D?

Nathan Zassman:  It's a really interesting story. I remember this like it was yesterday. The woman came to our store, looking for a product that we sell called a Vitamin D lamp. Lorne, this is a lamp that kind of looks like a sunlamp, but it's a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light designed to make the body produce vitamin D without tanning. You just need to sit in front of this lamp for five or ten minutes a day and you can get vitamin D naturally. So the woman came in looking for this, and I asked the woman, "Why don't you simply take a vitamin D supplement?" She told me, well, she couldn't take supplements. I said, "Why is that?" She said, "Well, every time I take a vitamin D supplement, I either have some kind of adverse reaction, or I get upset stomach or I have some issue".

Well, I think one of the best features of Aviva Natural Health, is that we have professional lines of supplements that normally cannot be purchased at health food stores. You can normally only get these types of supplements from a naturopath or a health professional, but we have health professionals on staff and, for that reason, we are allowed to carry these products. And these are companies like Douglas Laboratories, Genestra, and Metagenics. And one particular line, the company is called Pure Encapsulations, every one of their products is a hypoallergenic supplement.

So when this woman told me that she had this issue with vitamin D, I said, well, why don't you try the Pure Encapsulations vitamin D? It's a hypoallergenic supplement and it may be worth trying. And she was willing to do that, so she purchased that supplement. She also did buy the vitamin D lamp, by the way. This was I'd say within a month, she came back to buy another bottle of vitamin D. And everyone in the store couldn't believe it was the same person. I think she maybe was dressed better, but she looked like a different person. She glowed. She had colour in her face. I said to her, "You don't look like the same person". She said, "I haven't felt this good in 20 years". She felt so much better. The vitamin D she was taking was not upsetting her stomach, was not giving her issues, and she's been a regular customer ever since. And she always looks great when she comes to our store now.

We do offer a lot of different types of supplements from companies like these professional lines. The professional supplements don't cost much more than regular supplements. In some cases the costs are competitive, but when you analyze the formulas, these supplements have much better formulas and they're, in my opinion, a higher quality line of products.

Lorne Edwards:  We have to take one more quick break. We'll do that. Nathan Zassman is my guest. Aviva. You will find Aviva at 1224 St James Street at Wellington here in Winnipeg. (204) 947-6789. Go take a look at what we've been talking about in this past hour on the website: avivahealth.com. That's avivahealth.com. Back in a moment on "Talk to the Experts".

Lorne Edwards:  I'm Lorne Edwards. Truly, Aviva is everything for healthy living. My guest has been Nathan Zassman and we're going to do sort of a short snapper segment here because there's just so much! We're talking to the 6,000 carefully selected natural health products that Nathan has in store. Nathan, I just want to ... and Jerry spoke to this earlier too, but the research you do into each and every thing that is in your store is second to none. And I think that's what really makes it so special, I mean Jerry mentioned that. He said you go into the health food or health product store and you've just got a sales clerk and you're not too sure of their depth and knowledge or what. But kudos to you for taking the time to do that. We as your customers really appreciate that.

Lorne Edwards:  Hey, you know what? I don't want to forget, we should mention some hours. How about that?

Nathan Zassman:  Yeah, we're open from 10:00 until 7:00 Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 6:00 Saturday, and 12:00 to 5:00 on Sunday.

Lorne Edwards:  All right, here's the short snappers now because we're going to cover a lot of material in very little time.

Nathan:  All right.

Lorne Edwards:  Air and water purification, you can find it at Aviva.

Nathan Zassman:  This is an area that I've spent probably, I guess maybe more time researching than any other. We have a great selection of air purifiers for people that have allergies, the people who want to improve their respiratory health and they've also recently proven in recent research at Duke University, that by breathing clean, filtered air also improves cardio vascular health.

Lorne Edwards:  Amen to that!

Nathan Zassman:  We also have an interesting new product that you were going to mention called a SunLife light bulb. The SunLife light bulb is -- whenever I tell people about this they're always kind of surprised. How can this work? -- It's a light bulb that's a beautiful product. It's a full spectrum light bulb, that actually can be used to help treat seasonal affective disorder, which we also have specific lights for. But it's a light bulb that cleans the air. I won't get into the technical details of how it works. All I can tell you is, that if you have issues with odors, contaminants in the air, simply put in this light bulb and your environment, will fix the problem as well as giving you an excellent energy-efficient, Energy Star rated light.

Lorne Edwards:  Sleep apnea.

Nathan Zassman:  We have an amazing product for sleep apnea called the Aveo TSD. Clinically proven to, in almost every case, cures sleep apnea. In fact I was recently reading a studying online, where they were comparing it to the CPAP machine and the people doing the comparison preferred it. It is a very interesting device developed in New Zealand. If you go to our website, it's spelled A-V-E-O T-S-D for tongue stabilizing device. And it works by helping to move the tongue forward in the mouth when you sleep. Most people that snore or who have obstructive sleep apnea, this is is caused by a tongue being too far back in the mouth. This brings the tongue forward. It's a miracle product that can improve or correct this problem. And of course, if you do have it, you're not going to sleep well, you're going to have all the issues, that relate to not sleeping well, including higher risk of many diseases including, high blood pressure. And you're also going to be affecting the people you sleep with.

Lorne Edwards:  Nathan, as we move towards -- hopefully -- eating better, I know grains have become hugely popular, and this has become really a main component in your store.

Nathan Zassman:  We have a large selection of organic grains, Lorne. And one thing that's different from our store than other stores ... we haven't seen this often. You can purchase organic wheats, spelt other grains and we have a commercial stone grinder from Germany, a very large unit, and we will grind the grain for you at no charge before you leave the store. So, you can leave our store with freshly ground organic grain.

Lorne Edwards:  And kitchenware. Talk about Vitamix.

Nathan Zassman:  Oh, Vitamix is interesting. I actually, if you come to our store, I can show you my personal Vitamix that's 35 years old.

Lorne Edwards: What?!

Nathan Zassman:  I've been using Vitamix for 40 years actually but in 1975 I bought the Vitamix that I am currently still using. So, it's 35 years old.

Lorne Edwards:  You can throw anything in there!

Nathan Zassman:  Oh, yeah! It's the most amazing kitchen appliance, in my opinion.

Lorne Edwards:  Smoothies or soups.

Nathan Zassman:  Smoothies, soups, you can grind grain with it. You can put all your vegetables into this product and it will actually cook the soup right in the blender container within just a few minutes. So, you can make ice creams because it will freeze things quickly and bring things to a boil. It's an amazing device.

Lorne Edwards:  And you know, they've got for rice in there, you've got breadmakers. There's all kinds of kitchenware, in that store, and you have to go and visit, you just have to! Aviva is truly my new favorite store in Winnipeg, and Aviva is everything for healthy living.

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