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Nathan Zassman discusses Aviva Natural Health Solutions on CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Orginally Aired on December 11, 2010.

CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Jeff Daniels: Hi there. Good afternoon, and hope you're having a fabulous weekend. I'm Jeff Daniels, and welcome once again to "Talk to the Experts." I'm going to say it right now: Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything For Healthy Living." I feel just relaxed saying that right now. It's fantastic. I'm very happy to have, as our guest today, Nathan Zassman. And Nathan, you're the owner of Aviva, I'll start by saying. But you are also an orthomolecular nutrition therapist. How did I do?

Nathan Zassman: You did very well.

Jeff: [laughs] All right. Thank you so much, Nathan. We have so much to cover. I've been in your store, which, by the way, is at 1224 St. James Street. Number to call, if you want to give them a call down there, (204) 947-6789. Outside of Winnipeg, toll-free, 1 (866) 947-6789. And on the web, a fantastic website, just full of information, at avivahealth.com.

Nathan, like I said, great to have you here. We have so many great topics to cover, especially if anybody wants to be healthy, I think this is the place to be.

Nathan: Well, we're doing our best. Remember that Aviva may have one of the world's largest selections of health products, and the slogan we have, "Everything for healthy living," is really appropriate. And while we do have vitamins and supplements, today I want to talk about products that maybe are more appropriate for this time of year.

Jeff, this time of year many people are looking products designed to help strengthen the immune system, because when it gets colder, people seem to get more colds and flu. And while we have a lot of products that can help shorten the duration of a cold and flu if you get the cold or flu, it's really our goal at Aviva to do what we can to prevent you from getting it in the first place. So we want to strengthen the immune system so that we can prevent colds and flu as well as improve our overall health. What do you think?

Jeff: I think that's great. And I think there's obviously many ways of going about doing that, and you guys are the experts at Aviva, and you have many ideas we've been discussing off the air and when I was in the store as well.

Nathan: Let me just tell you about one of the products.

Jeff: EpiCure is one that came to mind.

Nathan: Right. It's actually EpiCor.

Jeff: EpiCor. [laughs]

Nathan: That's OK. EpiCor is an amazing product. I could spend an hour just talking about how this product was discovered, which was almost by accident. But, in order to understand how EpiCor works, we need to understand how our body responds to invaders. When we're exposed to a flu virus or a cold virus, there are specific cells in our body called natural killer cells. Very, very interesting.

Natural killer cells are actually specific lymphocytes, which are specific types of white-blood cells that are part of our immune system. And these lymphocytes are natural killer cells. They bond to the cells that have been attacked by the invader. The invader cells could be viral. They can be bacterial. They can be fungal. They could be cancerous. And these natural killer cells then release something called cytotoxins, and these are what kill the infected cells.

There's actually a lot more to the immune system than simply natural killer cells, but to make it brief and easy on this particular radio program, we'll focus more on this. And we've found that this product, called EpiCor, is a product that actually modulates the immune system in such a way as to make us much more resistant to pathogenic organisms. In other words, if we are taking this supplement every day and we're exposed to one of these invader cells, our immune system much more effectively can kill the invader.

And I know people that have been taking this product for many, many years, and as long as they've been taking it, they haven't been sick. One of my customers is an 83-year-old dentist in Winnipeg who came to me a few years ago asking me for a recommendation for a product that would help him because he was getting the flu almost every winter.

I recommended this product to him. He was a real what you call Doubting Thomas, so he wanted to read all the research. After he read the research, he was convinced. So he bought the product, and he hasn't been sick ever since he started to take it. And this was about three or four years ago.

Jeff: That's amazing.

Nathan: So, it's really an amazing product. And as I say, it improves the ability of our natural killer cells to destroy invaders. Great product: EpiCor.

Jeff: EpiCor.

Nathan: While we're on the topic of immunity, there's another product I want to talk about that has one of the broadest ranges of health benefits of any product in our store.

Jeff: I think we were talking about that. Would that be rice bran solubles?

Nathan: Rice bran solubles. You've got it. You've got a good memory.

What if I told you there was a food supplement that actually tasted great; that could shrink a swollen prostate gland if you were a male; that could lower your cholesterol without side effects; that could increase your energy levels; that could boost your immune system; that could help reduce the risk of colon, intestinal, breast, and prostate cancer; that would promote heart health; that could lower diabetic blood sugar? This product has over 100 antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It's sugar-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, lactose-free, trans-fat-free. And in fact, this supplement is so successful for treating diabetes, it holds a US patent.

It's called rice bran solubles, and it's a delicious powder that you can add to just about anything. And we recommend that people have a couple of tablespoons of this once or twice a day. You can add it to your smoothie, you can add it to your breakfast porridge, to orange juice, or just about any other way you can take it. Even today, my staff was trying it, just off the spoon in their mouth, all by itself. It's delicious. If you add it to a super fruit-and-vegetable drink, which we often recommend, or a protein shake, you won't believe how much energy you'll have all day long.

Jeff: It's concentrate.

Nathan: It's actually the concentrated nutrients from the bran of rice, which is nature's richest source of plant sterols, also called phytosterols. And I know that there are many products that you'll hear advertised these days, Jeff, for many health conditions that are based on plant sterols. Rice bran is nature's richest source of plant sterols. And it's the plant sterols found in rice bran, including beta-sitosterol, which can do all of these amazing things for your health.

Jeff: I'm learning so much. This is incredible. Rice bran solubles. And the great thing is you can enjoy your favorite smoothie, and the rice bran solubles are going to just do wonders for your body.

Nathan: And it tastes good.

Jeff: And it tastes good. Exactly. It's refreshing.

Once again, it's Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living." And once again, you can find them at 1224 St. James Street, across from Tim Hortons. So if you're driving down St. James Street in that area, you just look look for Tim Hortons and then you'll find Aviva Natural Health Solutions at 1224 St. James, right across the street. Number to call, once again, 947-6789. Outside of Winnipeg, toll-free, 1-866-6789. And on the web, at their great website, avivahealth.com.

I'm with Nathan Zassman. And Nathan, we still have plenty, plenty to cover, including maybe some great Christmas gift ideas for folks who want to head down to the store. Later on we'll be chatting about that, and plenty more.

You are listening to "Talk to the Experts." And once again, our guest, Nathan Zassman from Aviva Natural Health Solutions, and it's "Everything for healthy living." Be right back, on Manitoba's Information Superstation, CJOB 68.

Once again, welcome back to "Talk to the Experts" on Manitoba's Information Superstation, CJOB 68. I'm Jeff Daniels. My special guest is Nathan Zassman, owner of a great place -- I've been there and it's fantastic -- called Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living." Just saying that makes me feel very, very comfortable. 1224 St. James Street, and you can't miss it. You'll definitely want to check it out for yourself.

Nathan, it's a topic that I wouldn't normally broach with people. I don't exactly know your age, but I get the impression that, just by looking at you, you're older than you actually look. And I think that might have something to do with the products that are available at Aviva.

Nathan: [laughs] Well, I think that there has to be something to do with the diet and lifestyle that I have to how I look, although I remember one of the very impressive doctors that I worked with once upon a time told me that the best thing you could do to look young and have a healthy life is to choose your parents wisely.

Jeff: Genetics.

Nathan: Yeah, that has something to do with it. But I really believe that you can affect your genes through your diet. One professional in this field said that genetics loads the gun but it's your diet and lifestyle that pull the trigger.

These days, many people come to me who want to know what they can do to look younger, to reverse the aging process. We really can't reverse the aging process, but we can try to do what we can to have what some people call healthy aging. And I have, they're kind of like my seven items that I feel, if you were to implement these items into your lifestyle, that you can do a great deal to age more gracefully. And I'll just cover those seven things quickly here.

The first is you want to greatly eliminate or reduce the consumption of refined foods: sugar, white flour, white rice. Any of these types of foods that are refined, you want to eliminate from your diet. The second thing we need to do is we need to increase our consumption of fiber. Just by simply removing sugar and refined foods and increasing fiber consumption may be the two most significant things we can do to reverse the aging process.

Aviva has a great product, Jeff. It's called PanaChia. PanaChia is an amazing product. It's a seed from South America, and it's nature's richest source of fiber and plant source omega-3. It has more calcium than milk. It has more antioxidants than blueberries. It has a tremendous nutritional profile. It's a perfect protein. It's actually our bestselling product at Aviva. People love it because it actually has no taste, and they can add it to all kinds of different things--your salad dressing, your porridge, whatever you want--and it'll make you healthier just by doing that.

So the first two things we're talking about here is reducing your consumption of refined foods: sugar, white flour, etc. Second is increasing fiber. The third is to make sure you're getting all the nutrition you need from your diet and supplements, and that you're using cooking techniques that can maximize the nutrition in your food. Fourth is to make sure you're getting sufficient sleep. The fifth is to make sure you exercise every day. The sixth is to make sure you're brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Are we running out of time here?

Jeff: We've got time for one more.

Nathan: All right. Just to let you know that the study published in the British Journal of Medicine found a 70% higher risk of cardiovascular disease in those that didn't brush and floss properly every day. Gum disease may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease more than high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And for that reason, Aviva recommends the HydraBrush, which we believe is the best toothbrush ever designed, and Hydro Floss, an amazing water irrigator that can actually remove subgingival plaque.

Finally, the seventh item on my list is to think positive thoughts and imagine yourself getting healthier every day. The mind is a powerful healer. Those are my seven topics.

Jeff: So, if you want to reverse the aging process, you definitely want to visit Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living," 1224 St. James Street. Much more to talk about, so stick around. I am with Nathan Zassman of Aviva Natural Health Solutions. Be right back in just a moment on "Talk to the Experts" on CJOB 68.

Once again, good afternoon to you. I am Jeff Daniels. You are listening to "Talk to the Experts" on CJOB 68. And it is my pleasure to have with us today Nathan Zassman. He is the owner of Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living," 1224 St. James Street, across from the Tim Hortons. Want to give him a call? Locally, 947-6789. Outside of Winnipeg it's toll-free, 1-866-947-6789. And they have the wonderful website at avivahealth.com. And be sure to stop by the store. It is absolutely fantastic. Something for everybody. And once you walk in there, you'll have a whole new perspective on your own health and the many ways to improve your health and your lifestyle.

We were talking about a study that was recently published by "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition." And that was back in September, Nathan.

Nathan: Yeah. It's a really interesting study. It was something I just read about a month ago. This was a study that proved that a diet of mostly high-glycemic foods -- in other words, people that are eating white flour, white sugar, white rice, French-fried potatoes, etc. -- resulted in almost three times the risk of inflammatory death as compared to those who consumed a diet that did not include those types of foods, that ate, say, whole grains, vegetables, higher-quality food choices.

Jeff, inflammation is the body's response to injury or infection. But many people don't know that the diet also is a major cause of inflammation. And inflammation causes atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of plaque in our arteries, and it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, and it also increases our risk of cancer and diabetes.

Many of us find it difficult to consume the five to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables that we know are important to lower our risk of disease. Aviva has a really great product. It's called NanoGreens to the Power of 10. This is a professional product that is filled with fruits and vegetables that also is delicious. One drink of NanoGreens in the morning is equivalent to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Add a couple of tablespoons of the rice bran solubles we discussed earlier and you'll be starting your day by giving your body tremendous food-based nutrition. You'll notice more energy all day long if you start each day with a nutritional powerhouse super-food drink. You want to make it even better, throw a couple of tablespoons of PanaChia and get even more fiber.

So, now that we've talked about our two favorite immune-system-boosting supplements in EpiCor and rice bran solubles, now we're talking about a product that is incredible, called NanoGreens to the Power of 10. You add that to your diet, you'll be healthier.

Jeff: Nathan Zassman, our guest today on "Talk to the Experts." And he is from Aviva Natural Health Solutions, 1224 St. James Street. Check out the website at avivahealth.com as well. Stop by the store, 1224 St. James Street.

Now, another thing that's very, very, very important in our lives, and that, obviously, is the air that we breathe, and the air that we breathe in our homes. Now, you have products available at Aviva that can help you breathe easier and just keep that air as it should be.

Nathan: Again, part of our concept at Aviva, as much as we can, is to integrate into our lifestyle health-promoting products. Jeff, we have to breathe, and there actually are published clinical studies that have proven that breathing air that is cleaner, that has been filtered, will lower our risk of pulmonary disease, asthma, and also of heart disease.

Now, this time of year, when we're heating our homes, the air in our homes gets very dry. It doesn't matter if you're heating with gas or electricity, heat dries out the air in your home. And dry air contributes to many health problems.

We sell humidifiers that are portable units that can be installed anywhere, in any room, and we really think that they're an incredible benefit for anybody this time of year. A humidifier can help relieve cold symptoms. It will reduce your susceptibility to colds, flu, hay fever, and coughs, because humid air soothes dry and itchy skin, dry throat, and makes your lungs more elastic, so it makes it easier to breathe.

Simply buying a humidifier can reduce your susceptibility to infection by keeping the mucus membranes of your throat and nasal passages moist. We have these tiny hairs called cilia, which are designed in our nasal passages to block particles like dust, viruses, and bacteria. When our mucus membranes are moist, they're more capable of blocking these invaders, these particles that can cause us problems.

So I really believe that humidifiers are an important part of staying healthy in the wintertime. And as I've told you before, Jeff, Aviva is all about prevention. People will often come to our store complaining about sinus problems. They're looking for a solution to improve sinus issues. In many cases, if they simply had a humidifier, their sinus problems wouldn't even exist.

Jeff: We talk so much about our health care and our health-care system and people getting sick. And prevention really has become such a big buzzword the last several years, and the alternatives, turning to ways of looking at how you live your life and your lifestyle. And Aviva, obviously, a place where you're going to get a lot of answers from.

Nathan: In Winnipeg, it seems especially because we have these cold winters, when the air is dry, our nasal passages also get very dry, which can contribute to nosebleeds, sinus infections, etc. So, when you humidify the air, there are so many improvements to your health. By the way, many times people have children that are having difficulty sleeping. Often, when you put a humidifier in the bedroom of a child, they'll sleep so much more soundly.

I'm really kind of surprised that we're sitting here in this studio, Jeff, and you don't have a humidifier here because here you're depending on your voice.

Jeff: [laughs] Yes.

Nathan: You know that professional singers have them in every room of their house.

Jeff: I'm sure Celine Dion has one.

Nathan: Of course.

Jeff: [laughs]

Nathan: They really understand the importance of having humidity, because it's so important for keeping your vocal cords working really well if you're a singer or you're relying on your voice, even as a speaker in a radio studio.

By the way, there are other benefits to having a humidifier that I might want to mention. A lot of contractors in Winnipeg that install wooden floors send their customers to Aviva to buy humidifiers. If you have a wooden floor in your home, or even if you have a wooden musical instrument, like a piano or an oboe or a guitar, any of those types of instruments, dry air will affect those products. They can dry out the floor to the point where they will have cracking. They will affect the tuning of an instrument. In fact, if you have an acoustical piano that requires tuning, by keeping the moisture level high in your home, or keeping it at normal levels, it will keep the wood in that instrument hydrated so that you will keep the instrument in tune for longer.

By the way, there's other issues with humidity. If you have a very dry environment and you have electronics, like a computer, static electricity can cause all kinds of damage to electronics.

Another topic that a lot of people don't know about is that when the air is more humid, the air feels warmer to your skin. As a result, when the air is more humid, you can lower your temperature of your home, so you actually will save money on your heating bill by having more-humid air in the house.

Jeff: Economical!

Nathan: Exactly.

Jeff: Nice.

Nathan: You want to try to keep your humidity level between 40 and 50 percent. General rule of thumb is, if you're buying a humidifier, we have many different models. Many of them have humidistats, which will allow you to actually adjust the humidity to the level you want. You want to make sure that you're not over-humidifying because, if you do, you can also have issues, possibly, with mold.

Jeff: Right.

Nathan: So that's important. There's no cure for the common cold, perhaps, but between the immune-system products that we have and keeping your air at the right humidity level in your home can really make a huge difference in your health.

Jeff: There's a lot of things floating around in the air.

Nathan: Exactly. We also have a great selection of air purifiers. And many of our customers that come to us have issues with, basically, contaminants in the air, dust particles, etc. We actually have a customer, very well-known customer, professional in Winnipeg -- I won't mention her name -- but she bought one of our air purifiers. We sell a line called IQAir, which is a Swiss product known to be the world's finest air purifier. And she called me up to tell me how impressed she was after she bought it. This was kind a joke, but it was interesting. She said her husband thought there were actually drugs in the air purifier because, ever since they put the air purifier in their bedroom, they had never slept so well.

Jeff: Wow.

Nathan: So, there are a lot of advantages to purifying the air as well as adding humidity to the air in the wintertime when the air is really dry.

Jeff: And Nathan, speaking of a good night's sleep, there is also the importance of the pillow, where we rest our head every night.

Nathan: Aviva has a great selection of natural beds from Natura, which is a Canadian company, and OMI, which is the premier organic manufacturer of beds and pillows in the world. And we have a great selection of pillows. And I often think, what could be a better gift at this time of year than a really great pillow? And we have probably the best selection of pillows in the country in our store. And you can lie down on our beds and try them out, and you'll see that they're just amazing, made of all types of different materials, including wool or latex or buckwheat, all different types. There's something for everyone. Great investment.

Jeff: Well, if you want to try it out, the place to go is 1224 St. James Street. It is Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living." And number down there is 947-6789. Outside of Winnipeg, if you want to give them a call, 1-866-947-6789. And also the fabulous website, which is avivahealth.com.

I'm with Nathan Zassman, and Nathan is not only the owner of Aviva, but he's also, and I'll say it again, an orthomolecular nutrition therapist. There, I said it. We'll be back with more with Nathan and "Talk to the Experts" in just a moment, right here on Manitoba's Information Superstation, CJOB 68.

Yes, indeed. Welcome back to "Talk to the Experts." I'm Jeff Daniels. My very special guest is Nathan Zassman. He is an orthomolecular nutrition therapist and also the owner of Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything" -- and I mean everything -- "for healthy living." It's just a fantastic store. And you can also order online. The store, located at 1224 St. James Street, right across from Tim Hortons here in Winnipeg. And if you want to give them a toll-free call from out of town, 1-866-947-6789, and on the web at avivahealth.com.

Nathan, we'll be talking about maybe some Christmas-related stuff in a moment, but I want to ask you about the Eco-Heater.

Nathan: The Eco-Heater is a really fabulous product that we found last year, and it has become one of our bestselling products this time of year. This time of year, Jeff, obviously, we do a lot of business with humidifiers, because people understand the importance of getting rid of the dry climate that they have in their homes.

The Eco-Heater is an amazing product. It's an environmentally friendly room heater that looks great and is incredibly efficient. It looks like a white square piece of white... I don't know it almost looks like it's made out of some ceramic material.

If you want to see what it looks like you can go to avivahealth.com and on the search bar just type "eco-heater" in the search bar.

What's amazing about the Eco-heater is that it can heat a 10 by 12 room but it only uses 400 watts of electricity. That's about a fourth of the electricity of some of the more well-known highly advertised products. In fact there's a product that's advertised a great deal on this radio-station that uses 1,500 watts. This uses only 400 watts of electricity. You mount it on your wall and you know Jeff you can actually paint it so that it looks exactly like it will blend right into the environment.

It uses what's called convection technology. There are no fans or exposed heating elements, there are no sounds, you just plug it in and let it work. It's just amazing. You mount it on your wall, and this time of the year it's one of our best selling products. Actually we only have a few in stock right now, we have a new shipment coming and hopefully by the end of next week...

They work well in homes where you just want some supplemental heat. We sell them into cottages where they want to heat an area without heating the whole cottage. You can save up to 50 percent of your heating bill by just heating a small area instead of the whole home for example by using this type of product. So it's called an Eco-Heater and it fits our particular concept of an ecologically friendly product that produces heat very efficiently.

Jeff: You know, Nathan I'm looking out of the window here at the studios of CJOB and it's 4:48 and it's dark out.

Nathan: It's scary, isn't it?

Jeff: What is up with that?

Nathan: Oh my goodness.

Jeff: Well, there's nothing you can help us with in that regard. Because I know that the darkness has an effect on us, in our health.

Nathan: You know this time of year a lot of people come to our store looking for solutions to something called seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Seasonal affective disorder is something that a lot of people seem to have in this part of the world where we have low levels of daylight. And studies have proven that this type of depression can be alleviated by using a special type of light called the SAD light or SAD lamp.

Aviva has a couple of very effective products that are designed specifically to treat this issue. One is called the HappyLight Deluxe by Verilux and the other is called the Sunlight 365. With these products you simply need to have them in your field of view, you don't actually have to look directly at them Jeff as long as they're visible to your eye, they need to have a particular brightness level and the product's light is dew.

The Sunlight 365 is really neat. It's a small little unit. You can actually put it in your pocket, and you can put it on your desk, you can take it with you to work, you can take at home. So it's a portable product, but it has the correct type of brightness level that can be very effective at treating this particular type of issue. So yes, we have solutions for treating seasonal affective disorder and both the Verilux HappyLight Deluxe and the Sunlight 365 are popular products that are very effective.

We also have full spectrum lighting products which many people prefer because the quality of light will also help with your mood. And if you remember from the last talk with the experts when I was here with Lorne Edwards we talked about our amazing SunLife light-bulb which is a full spectrum light that can help a seasonal affective disorder, but it's also an air cleaner.

So these are only products that you can see when you come to our store.

Jeff: It's just amazing and please go to the store. I urge you because you will be amazed. Aviva Natural Health Solutions, "Everything for healthy living." 1224 St James Street, and it is across from Tim Hortons. If you want to give them a call to find anything else, maybe inquire about products there 947-6789, outside of Winnipeg toll-free 1-866-947-6789.

And Nathan you've been talking about the website and that is avivahealth.com. I want to get to some Christmas products. We'll talk about that in just a moment. We'll return with more talk to the experts on 68 CJOB.


Nathan: ... to get the kids soon.

Jeff: And welcome back. I'm Jeff Daniels along with our special guest that is Nathan Zassman. And he is from Aviva natural health solutions. 1224 St James Street. And you know, Christmas times are coming, and is an opportunity for people to go down to your site and check your website because there's so much to offer at Aviva.

Nathan: You know I think one of my favorite things of all in my store is our cookware section. We have a great selection of gourmet cookware products.

Aviva has the best electric mixer on the market, if someone is looking for the very best is the Electrolux Magic Mill. If you go to our website and you look for that product you'll see a terrific testimonial from a fellow that had one the more popular brand of mixers that he ended up having repaired three times in less than a year. The Electrolux is the same design. Basically it hasn't changed in about 50 years. You can knead up to 10 loaves of whole grain bread at once ...

Jeff: It's phenomenal.

Nathan: ... with this machine. It's unbelievable. So it's a Swedish product and for someone that's looking for a mixer that will last a lifetime and will work really well. Remember that most mixers like KitchenAid and Cuisinart and so forth are not designed for whole grain flour, the Electrolux is.

Now, let's talk about cookware because a lot of people buy cookware in this time of the year as gifts. And I have selected three particular brands of cookware which I think are the best in the world if you are looking for a cookware product that will last a lifetime.

The three lines we have are Scanpan from Denmark, Fissler from Germany, and Swiss Diamond from Switzerland. Now I want to talk primarily today about Swiss Diamond because it was rated the best performing cookware in the last cookware comparison in consumer reports. Each pan has over 200,000 diamond crystals in the surface of each pan. It's a non stick pan that doesn't use Teflon, it doesn't have PFOA which is the harmful chemical from Teflon, has a lifetime warranty, and nothing cooks or has more even heat, or is just an absolute pleasure to use.

We have a great selection of Swiss Diamond cookware products. You'll see them online and you'll see them on our store.

Jeff: I love my waffles.

Nathan: Well that's another area that I'm a big waffle fan. And I've actually developed some healthy waffle recipes Jeff because most people that are eating waffles are not eating healthy waffles, and will share this recipe with anyone that comes into our store where you can make waffles that are actually good for you.

And in my quest to find the best waffle iron I have done it. The Chef's Choice WafflePro is without a doubt the best waffle iron I've ever seen, probably the best in the world. It's a large, heavy unit that really makes incredible waffles. In fact we have a customer, recently purchased one and he told us that well this is an expensive waffle iron, he told me that it was worth double the price.

Jeff: Wow, you're branching out. You're branching out. We were talking about this earlier, you will be opening up a healthy juice smoothie bar at Aviva.

Nathan: Yeah.

Jeff: When are we opening up here?

Nathan: We hope to be open within the next week to 10 days. It's called Kicks, and you come in to our store and you can actually sit down and have a healthy coffee, tea, smoothie, etc.

And all of the drinks we have will have health benefits; we'll discuss in our menu what the benefits are so you can choose a particular drink for a particular health issue that you may have.

Jeff: Nathan it's been great having you by. It's been an absolute pleasure. Nathan Zassman, owner and he knows it all, he is the expert. Aviva natural health solutions. Everything for healthy living. 1224 St. James Street, across to Tim Hortons. Give them a call 947-6789, toll free 1-866-947-6789 and on the web at avivahealth.com.

This has been "Talk to the Experts" on Manitoba's Information Superstation, CJOB 68.

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