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Nathan Zassman discusses Aviva Natural Health Solutions on CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Originally Aired May 20th, 2011

CJOB: Talk to the Experts

Greg Mackling: Good afternoon everyone welcome to our Saturday late afternoon edition of Talk to the Experts. And today we are joined by Nathan Zassman. He's from Aviva Health Solutions. I know you brand yourself as Everything for Healthy Living and your store really is the natural health superstore, isn't it Nathan?

Nathan Zassman: We don't believe there's any store on this planet that has a better selection of natural health products and products that can be integrated into your lifestyle to make being healthy easier.

Greg: Well, it's that time of the year for a lot of people; they're suffering from allergies. I'm very fortunate I don't suffer with them, at all, myself. But one of my very best friends does. Anything that you might be able to help him with?

Nathan: Well, that's interesting. That was one of the topics I wanted to cover today, Greg. Every single day we have multiple people visiting our store that are experiencing allergy symptoms. They have the stuffy nose, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, all of the basic symptoms.

You know Greg, when we react to an allergen, our body naturally produces a chemical, which is actually a neurotransmitter, called histamine. And it's the histamine, which is triggered by the allergen that causes the allergy symptoms that we're experiencing the eyes, nose, throat, skin and digestive system and lungs can all be negatively affected by histamine.

In fact, if you have asthma, histamine can cause very serious breathing problems. You know there are traditional medications known as antihistamines that can be used but they usually have unpleasant side effects. They can cause drowsiness, headache, loss of appetite, dry mouth, dry nose, etc. and I've always felt that we shouldn't use a product to cure something when the side effects can be worse than the original symptoms.

Greg: Agreed.

Nathan: So we have a lot of natural products that have been shown to help alleviate allergy symptoms. The first product that I want to talk about is called Immunocare. Immunocare is from a company called Celt, C-E-L-T Naturals.

You know it's funny when I think about the name CELT, I'm originally a Bostonian and of course I was a Celtic fan, they didn't last too long this year in the playoffs.

Greg: Sorry about that, Nathan.

Nathan: Miami Heat kind of took care of them this year, which is too bad.

At any rate, Immunocare is an immune system boosting supplement that contains plant sterols. You know plant sterols are really miracle plant substances. Many people that listen to this radio station and I know they've heard some of the advertisements for products that are designed to shrink a swollen prostate. There are over 4,000 published studies including a hundred double blind placebo controlled trials that have been showing that plant sterols have a wide range of health benefits.

And in fact a lot of the research [PDF], Greg, on plant sterols has been done right here in Manitoba at the University of Manitoba.

Greg: Fantastic.

Nathan: So plant sterols, they can naturally block histamine and they also block the release of a cytokine that causes inflammation of the body that's called interleukin 6. So plant sterols can be miraculous for people with seasonal allergies but they're not just for that.

They can also be great for people that have rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, as I mentioned prostate enlargement, herpes, hepatitis C, chronic fatigue and many forms of cancer can be helped by this particular nutrient.

One of the most common uses of plant sterols has been to lower cholesterol. And in fact the FDA has approved the use of plant sterols for lowering cholesterol.

But basically we're talking about seasonal allergies here and I like immunocare because it's sold with a money back guarantee of satisfaction. And unlike many drugs that have side effects, natural products often have side benefits.

So while you'll be lowering your symptoms of allergies, you'll also be realizing many benefits perhaps lowering cholesterol, perhaps having less arthritic symptoms and many other benefits. So this is a great product, it's called Immunocare by Celt Naturals and we have it at Aviva, very inexpensive product. You just normally take one capsule per day and as I say money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Greg: Fantastic. So what else did you want to talk about today?

Nathan: Now we have some other products that also have been shown in clinical studies to be effective for allergies. Another one is called Petadolex. Petadolex spelled P-E-T-A-D-O-L-E-X is an extract of a herb called butterbur which has also a lot of impressive clinical studies showing it's effective at treating hay fever which is also called allergic rhinitis, which basically are the symptoms that we experience when we have an allergic reaction to pollen, etc.

Greg: Some sort of reference to the nose there I suspect.

Nathan: Exactly. Now Petadolex is a very popular product that works in a similar way that plant sterols, but it has one other claim to fame for people that are listening that might have migraine headaches. Petadolex not only is effective for seasonal allergies, and allergic rhinitis or hay fever, but more than one published clinical trial has found it to be effective at reducing the frequency of migraine headaches.

A third product that we are going to talk about is called Quercetin. Quercetin spelled Q-U-E-R-C-E-T-I-N. Quercetin is a flavonoid that has powerful antihistamine activity. It stabilizes the immune systems so they don't release histamine in the first place.

So rather than correcting the histamine problem caused by allergies, Quercetin actually keeps you from producing it. Bromelain is almost always included with Quercetin because it has anti-inflammatory properties and it enhances the absorption of the Quercetin. So Quercetin and Bromelain are one of my favourites and both of those natural products are enhanced by using Vitamin C.

So we're talking now about three different products that can be successful for people that have seasonal allergies.

We've talked about Immunocare, we've talked about Petadolex, we've talked about Quercetin and the final product we're going to talk about is called MucoStop. MucoStop is very popular product in our store and it works in a different way. It's an enzymatic product that relieves allergy symptoms including sinus and congestion caused by seasonal allergies by helping to reduce mucus production with mucolytic enzymes.

So these are all different products that we have at Aviva that all have been shown to be effective. Many people find one or the other to be miraculous for these issues.

Greg: So would you use one, the other, all, what would be the regimen there?

Nathan: Well Immunocare has many, so many health benefits that a lot of our customers take it on a regular basis just because it boosts the immune system. If you ever have or know someone that has a flu or a cold and they can't shake it, Immunocare can be miraculous at helping your immune system to get stronger so that you can get rid of whatever bug you've got and regular use of a product like this will strengthen the immune system so that you will have less frequencies of colds and flu.

So I don't think that's a bad product to take as a prophylactic or a preventive product on a regular basis and most likely if you're taking a product like that on a regular basis you probably won't have the allergy symptoms that you might have had.

Greg: The side benefits you were referring earlier.

Nathan: Exactly. But if you're taking a product like that and you still do have issues with seasonal allergies then I would consider taking one of the other products such as Quercetin and Bromelain or Petadolex.

We also often find that people like nasal cleansing products. They were really popular a while ago and they continue to be popular at our store. Many people listening to CJOB this afternoon, I'm sure have heard of something called the Neti Pot, N-E-T-I-pot.

It's a little ceramic teapot that you kind of crank your head over to one side and you put a saline solution, water and salt in it and it cleanses the nasal passages. We actually have some much more advanced that do the same thing. One is called the Nasaline. The Nasaline product is actually; it looks like a large syringe. And it's very easy to use.

I use one, my daughter and my wife both use them and it's very easy to cleanse your nasal passages. If you use this product, you can use salt with it or you can dissolve something called xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that's found in many successful nasal products that are designed to help alleviate nasal congestion.

One is called X-L-E-A-R. It's pronounced clear. And if you simply put the xylitol crystals, which by the way are great sugar substitute, it tastes just like sugar. It's safe for diabetics. I cook with it all the time. In fact the waffles you're nibbling on here in your office, for those listening, I made some home-made waffles ...

Greg: They're very good.

Nathan: ... in our store today and was sharing them with my customers and I use xylitol in baking because it has many health benefits as well as it tastes just like sugar.

So if you put xylitol in the Netipot or the salt solution, you can also improve the nasal cleansing capabilities.

Greg: Well there's one product we're going to talk about that people are probably aren't using today but they're definitely going to need it the rest of the way as we head into summertime. We'll talk about that when we return, on Talk to the Experts right here on the super station CJOB 68.

Welcome back to Talk to the Experts. Today we are with Nathan Zassman from Aviva Health Solutions and if you want to visit Nathan in person, you can visit him at 1224 St. James Street. I suspect he sleeps there; he is there all the time. Or you can find Aviva Health Care, or Solutions, excuse me at Aviva A-V-I-V-A.ca. They're open 24/7, so you don't even have to be there 24/7 anymore, Nathan.

Nathan: To go to the website.

Greg: Exactly. So I was referencing something you won't need to today but you'll likely need for the rest of the summer and that's sun protection.

Nathan: Well, the sun is out and the UV levels are high. So we need to ensure we're not overexposing our skin to the sun's rays, which of course can increase our risk of skin cancer. We have researched thoroughly all of the natural and unnatural sunscreen products that are out there and we've found Badger and Green Beaver to be the best of all.

Greg: I like the name.

Nathan: And Green Beaver is a very interesting company. They're in Quebec and they make a whole line of organic skincare products and they just released their first certified organic natural sunscreens.

So we just got them in. We can't tell you how well they work yet because we haven't sold any of them yet.

Greg: OK.

Nathan: But I have a lot of faith in that company so anyone who is interested in protecting their skin should visit our store to see them.

But also there's a free information seminar that Green Beaver is presenting. They are coming to our store in a couple of weeks. I'll talk more about that after the break.

Greg: Fantastic. We have to break for your sports. It's 25 after the hour and everywhere on the planet, people know that's sports time on CJOB. You're listening to Talk to the Experts right here on the super station.

Welcome back to our Saturday afternoon edition of Talk to the Experts and today, we're with Nathan Zassman. He's from Aviva Natural Health Solutions and Nathan you're a nutritional therapist. I like that terminology, maybe you could let our listeners know some of the origins of a title like that.

Nathan: Well, I've been trained in using nutritional therapies to correct health problems, basically. And my training was with many well-known physicians who teach courses and seminars in using natural products. Orthomolecular medicine is really what it is called, which means using products that are natural to the body to facilitate the healing process.

Greg: Now Aviva is your natural health superstore. I have been in the store and I will vouch for that. Beautiful facility. 1224 St. James Street. If you'd like to meet Nathan, come in and get his more than fantastic help on any one of the products that we are talking about today and not to mention the other hundreds. Is it 6,000 different products you have in the store?

Nathan: Actually I believe it's close, around 7,000 that we have now.

Greg: My goodness gracious.

Nathan: It's growing. So we were talking about sun protection? You look like you got a little sun there, Greg.

Greg: Absolutely.

Nathan: Yeah.

Greg: I spend a lot of time outside.

Nathan: That's good. Well, vitamin D is very important but you don't want to overdo the sun so it's better to get just enough sun to get a little bit of color but not overdo it.

So sun protection is important but many of the sunscreens that are out there are really filled with chemicals and there are many people that believe that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you couldn't eat.

I'm not sure I would want to eat any of the natural sunscreens we have. I'm not sure they have delicious flavors or not but the...

Greg: If you ingested it, it wouldn't be detrimental to your health.

Nathan: That's probably correct. You know we do have, one of the things we are trying to do Greg at our store is have regular seminars on a variety of health topics.

We've had seminars on detoxification. We had a very-well attended seminar on healthy aging that was very successful. And in fact there was a document that I prepared for the seminar on healthy aging which is free for our customers if they visit our store, if they simply ask for it and it's about a 50-page document that discusses many of the concepts that we believe are important to achieving optimum health.

We just had a seminar a few weeks ago by a Dr. Craig Hudson. This isn't really topical for today's Talk with the Experts but I thought people should know about it. Craig Hudson is a very well known psychiatrist in Toronto who is an insomnia specialist. He wrote a book about called "Feel Great Day and Night" which is a book that talks about natural approaches to treating insomnia.

So we were thrilled that he was willing to fly to Winnipeg and put on a seminar. And his seminar by the way is now on our website. If you go to www.avivahealth.com, you can watch his seminar and for all those that didn't go to it, you can learn what he had to say.

Now speaking of seminars, Alain Menard who is, I think he is the president of Green Beaver. If he is not the president, he's one of the higher ups in that company.

He's going to be speaking on Safe and Effective sunscreens. So if you visit our store, you can learn more about the seminar, Greg, which will be held on June 6th at 6:00 p.m. Space is limited so you should come in and sign up.

Greg: As you mentioned, I know your seminars are very well attended so people will be advised to get in to sign up for those as soon as possible.

Nathan: Yeah, we can fit in about 70 people but the Sleep seminar was packed. We couldn't, we basically had, we're at our capacity for that.

Greg: So 1224 St. James St. Come in and visit Nathan and you can register for the seminar with Alain Menard and that should be quite an interesting talk I suspect.

Nathan: Well I'm sure he'll speak about the ingredients that he is using and the health benefits of ensuring that you're protected from the ultra violet rays that can damage your skin.

You know you can also protect your skin from sun damage Greg by taking a very interesting anti-oxidant called Astaxanthin, spelled A-S-T-A-X-A-N-T-H-I-N. Astaxanthin, it's almost a tongue twister.

Greg: Say it three times fast.

Nathan: Yeah, Astaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Astaxanthin.

Greg: Now, you're showing off.

Nathan: It's a plant pigment that's found in micro algae and also it's found in the fish that eat the algae. Fish that have an oranger, pink color like salmon are excellent sources of Astaxanthin. And other carotenoids, which are in the same family that you may have heard of, include beta-carotene, which are found in carrots and red and orange and yellow vegetables.

Lutein is another carotenoid that's been proven to be good for your eyes. Lycopene is the red pigment found in tomatoes that's shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

And Astaxanthin can help minimize the damage to your skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun. But astaxanthin not only protects our sun from the UV skin damage, it also is protective for your eyes as astaxanthin has been shown in research to accumulate in the retina where it can help protect your eyes from UV damage.

Other benefits of astaxanthin is that it fights inflammation by suppressing inflammatory prostaglandins. You know fatty fish, which is high in omega 3, does the same thing. It fights inflammation by suppressing inflammatory prostaglandins and astaxanthin does the same thing.

So maybe the reason why fatty fish is so healthful is that it has kind of a double whammy. It has the astaxanthin, which can fight inflammation, and it has omega 3's that fight inflammation.

Greg: So all these side benefits once again, that's one of the catch phrase of the day. But just to recap Nathan, you're talking about protecting yourself from the UV rays of the sun by ...

Nathan: By taking a pill.

Greg: ...ingesting something.

Nathan: That's right. Isn't that weird? You can actually take a pill that can protect your skin and your eyes from ultra violet or UV ray damage.

But the most exciting news that I was reading recently about astaxanthin comes from a recent Japanese study that shows astaxanthin may prevent dementia that can lead to Alzheimer's disease.

So I know it's not really topical for today's Talk with the Experts but they have found that astaxanthin reduces the accumulation of compounds called phospholipid hydroperoxides, which is another tongue twister, which are known to accumulate abnormally in the red blood cells of people with dementia.

So the bottom line is that researchers from Tohoku University believe that the pink pigment astaxanthin may contribute to the prevention of dementia.

So these are all good reasons to take this particular supplement and many people in the natural health field feels that this is one of the most important nutrients of all in natural health product stores.

Greg: So now I'm taking care of my skin, the UV rays with the skin. But I always have problem with my lips and my boys have problem with chapped lips. Anything that you can help us with on that, Nathan?

Nathan: Couple of things. One of the reasons often people have problems with dry lips is because they don't practice the trombone or trumpet enough.

Greg: OK. I'm not sure I'll implement that in my house...

Nathan: Because if you really want to permanently cure chapped lips, if you simply practice a brass instrument, I'm speaking from experience here, you'll completely cure the problem. But if you're not a brass instrument lover and you don't happen to have a trombone or trumpet lying around the house, we do have natural lip protection, natural lip balms that have a variety of wonderful natural ingredients that are very effective at healing dry or chapped lips.

Another thing you want to do if you have dry or chapped lips is make sure you're well hydrated because if you are not drinking enough fluids, that can also cause dryness, not only on the lips but on your skin and all over your body so drinking lots of water as it gets warmer is a good idea too.

Greg: So as we look at the window here at CJOB, it's raining and some heat and that cocktail typically produces our friendly little flying friends, the mosquito. You got anything natural to help us with protecting us or saving us from the mosquitoes Nathan?

Nathan: Well actually the last couple of years we've had a product that's called the Bug Catcher. The Bug Catcher is an unbelievable product. It was invented in Australia; it's a 100 percent natural insect trap that really works. There's no dangerous pesticides, there's no high voltage zapping grids.

Greg: Where's the satisfaction in that?

Nathan: I know. The system is pretty neat. It's a small unit that uses a unique light source that attracts the insect away from your living space. And once the mosquitoes are close to the bug catcher, a very silent fan sucks them in where they drown in water that is, you just put a couple of drops of your favorite dish soap in the water. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water, Greg, so the mosquitoes can't escape.

Greg: OK. They're suffering a little bit then.

Nathan: A little bit, yeah. You don't really hear them crying but it does the job.

These units are very popular in fact so many of our customers last year went, they bought one and then they came back and bought three or four of them because they have these farms and large areas and they just found them to work so well. They're very popular and depending on where you live, they may be able to reduce your local population of mosquitoes so you won't have to use those terrible chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

For those times when you are looking for insect repellants, by the way, Greg we do have a selection of healthy and safe natural alternatives to the commercially available insect repellants. And you know we have, had a woman that worked for us for many years who was using a product for her skin that was called Theraneem, T-H-E-R-A-N--E-E-M.

Neem is a plant that's well known in India. In fact many people from that country chew on neem leaves. It's an incredibly healing plant for your skin. There are products we have that you can ingest that can help heal the stomach that are made from the same neem plant.

Anyway, so she was using this neem lotion because it is very good for dry skin and she went on a camping trip with her boyfriend and she came back after the trip was over and she said "Nathan, you can't believe this but I was using this neem product and the mosquitoes weren't at all interested in me the whole time."

And since then we have been recommending this product, which is not sold as an insect repellent, it's sold as a product for your skin. And everybody finds it to be effective. So it's, again it's like a double whammy. You're buying it because it has skin healing benefits but it also repels mosquitoes.

Greg: Now this is something you put on the skin, you're not ingesting this?

Nathan: That's right.

Greg: OK.

Nathan: I don't think it would taste very good because it doesn't smell that great. That's probably why mosquitoes don't like it.

Greg: Perfect. Now we have to take a break.

Nathan: All right.

Greg: We've protected our skin, we've had a nice day in the pool, my lips aren't chapped, and it's time for bed and one of the worst things in the summertime...

Nathan: Is a hot bed.

Greg: You got it.

Nathan: We can cure you.

Greg: You go to bed at nine o'clock. It's way too hot in the house. You either open the windows or turn on the air-conditioning and by the time you wake up one or the other has way overdone its job. So we'll talk about sleeping [indecipherable 23:06] when we come back on Talk to the Experts with Aviva Natural Health Solutions. The natural part, very important. Aviva Natural Health Solutions, Nathan Zassman is with us today. We'll be right back on Talk to the Expert.

It's great to have you back on this Saturday afternoon. May long weekend, hope you are enjoying it. Greg Mackling with you on Talk to the Experts and today we are joined by Nathan Zassman from Aviva Natural Health Solutions.

A nutritional therapist and I love that terminology Nathan. You can visit Nathan at 1224 St. James Street. Beautiful superstore there. It is your natural health superstore and over 6,000 approaching 7,000 products. And Nathan, I think is intimately knowledgeable on every single one of them. If you'd like to preview many if not...close to all of your products online Nathan?

Nathan: Probably 70, 80%.

Greg: avivahealth.com very simple. A-V-I-V-A.ca, if you'd like to give them a call. Great phone numbers by the way, 947-6789 or if you're listening outside Winnipeg 866-947-6789.

So Nathan we were talking about sleeping cool and you're going to tell us how to sleep cool. I was fortunate to grow up on the West end. We had one of those beautiful screen porches on the front of our house.

Nathan: Oh nice.

Greg: We didn't have air-conditioning but when it got unbearably hot, we would go out and sleep in the screen porch. I'm guessing you are not selling screen porches over there at Aviva.

Nathan: Not yet.

Greg: [laughter] But when it comes along and it makes sense, Nathan will have it. How are you going to help me sleep cool without sending me out to the porch?

Nathan: Well let's see, I just had a fellow in today to our store that lives in Churchill and he said it was about 0 degrees there still so you can go up there. That would be one easy way to do it.

Greg: It's a long commute for me.

Nathan: By the way, how do you like these waffles?

Greg: I'm loving them. [laughter] I'm really digging them, they're delicious. Thank you.

Nathan: You know for the listeners that are listening to this Talk with the Experts today, I often do some baking in our store. We are about to open a smoothie coffee tea bar with some very exclusive healthful drinks and we sell a tremendous breakfast cereal that I have made for me by a company in Saskatchewan. It's actually a single guy that makes it about an 80-year-old man named Arnold Schmidt and he produces a breakfast cereal made of sprouted grains that I believe to be the healthiest breakfast cereal we have ever seen.

We have one of our customers lost 60 lbs. just by changing his dieting and using this every morning for breakfast and he got off his diabetes medication. It's an amazing cereal and I've figured out a recipe for making waffles with his breakfast cereal and so you are enjoying these waffles today.

Greg: Yeah and if my wife is listening, she'll be shocked to know that I'm eating eat without butter or syrup.

Nathan: That's right. You can just eat these like crackers. They're absolutely spectacular and there's nothing but healthy stuff in them. You know we were talking earlier about the benefits of plant sterols and all the good things they do.

Well you can buy plant sterols in a product like Immunocare and reap tremendous health benefits. In fact the most well-known plant sterol is called beta sitosterol and that's the plant sterol that's found in Immunocare, Immunocare.

Now we also sell a product called Rice Bran Solubles. Rice Bran Solubles is nature's richest natural source of plant sterols. It's inexpensive, it tastes great and you can simply add this to all kinds of things. You can add it to things you're drinking; you can add it to your breakfast cereal. It's in your waffles.

So you're eating these waffles, you're getting plant sterols. If you have a swollen prostate, it's going to shrink because of these waffles. It's going to help you with seasonal allergies.

These waffles are going to be doing tremendous things for your health and if you had any issues with irregularity Greg, you wouldn't have them if you had these waffles everyday because they are very high in fiber. Anyway, we are kind of taking a side issue here.

Greg: That's OK. We're allowed to do that. It's our time.

Nathan: We want to talk about how to keep cool in the summer time. Actually many people are probably surprised to know this if they haven't visited our store that we basically embrace every aspect of your health.

And I believe that one of the most important products that we sell in our store is our tremendous line of organic natural chemical free beds, pillows, bedding, comforters, mattress-toppers, all of these things.

And all of the products that we sell whether it's a bed, it's a comforter, a mattress top or a pillow, utilize wool in their design.

Now you don't actually feel the wool because the wool's underneath cotton but what wool does, you know when you sleep Greg, you normally, an average person perspires about a pint of water every night or more.

Greg: Great.

Nathan: Yeah, it's great to know that. That's why bacteria can thrive in a moist environment and dust mites love it too. Well if you're sleeping on a bed that has natural wool, the wool naturally absorbs the moisture and then releases it gradually back into the environment so you're always sleeping in a dry environment.

Greg: Almost like a filter.

Nathan: Similar. And the advantage of the wool is that if you are a hot sleeper, it cools you down. And if you are a cool sleeper, it warms you up.

In fact if you're sleeping on a bed that has wool, and you're sleeping on a pillow that has wool, and you're sleeping under a comforter that has wool, you can be a hot sleeper and you're wife can be a cool sleeper, I think it's usually the other way around.

Usually the woman is the hot sleeper and the man is the cool sleeper. They'll both be comfortable in the same environment. You won't have one person with their legs outside of the covers and one underneath. They're both comfortable in the same environment because it regulates temperature so well.

So these are amazing products, they can, if you don't want to buy one of our beds and you have an existing bed that you are happy with, you can purchase a topper that will go on top of your bed made of wool or wool and latex which is natural rubber, which has also many health benefits for sleeping.

So we have all of these different products in our sleep section of our store that can keep you cool in the summertime.

Greg: Well, we've covered just about everything in terms of staying cool, great summer days. But I like the idea of our last topic. We are going to talk about is staying hydrated. It's absolutely critical and you've got a fun way, a natural way for us to enjoy some fun drinks and when we come back, we are going to talk more about that with Nathan Zassman from Aviva Natural Health Solutions. You can hit them on the web A-V-I-V-A.ca that's avivahealth.com or in Winnipeg you can visit them in person at 1224 St. James Street.

We're going to take a break; we come back our last segment. Talk to the Experts right here on the superstation CJOB 68.

Welcome back to our fifth and final segment of Talk to the Experts. Time flies by when you're having fun right Nathan?

Nathan: Absolutely.

Greg: Nathan Zassman joins me. He's from Aviva Natural Health Solutions. You can find him at 12124 St. James Street or avivahealth.com and or the phone number. I love the phone numbers so I'm going to give it out again 947-6789.

Nathan: Yes.

Greg: I only read it once today and the rest was by memory so it's got to be working Nathan.

Nathan: It's those waffles.

Greg: Yeah the waffles are great and it's cleaning out my brain. [laughter] Now, summertime you know I think many of us can be guilty of drinking too much soda pop, too much iced tea, sugar-filled drinks. You've got something that's a little bit more natural for us.

Nathan: Boy are we excited about this. It's a product called Soda Stream. And when I saw this, I saw this actually at a trade show in Chicago and I said, "I love this," because I love sparkling water. Maybe not everybody does but I love it. So sparkling water is something, if you buy a soda stream you can make 60 liters of soda water for 20 bucks.

So it's very inexpensive, you're not running to the store and buying carbonated, sugary drinks. You can put whatever you want in it. We have some healthy things you can put in it to make it into a lemon lime drink or whatever. You can put in your own lemon juice, lime juice, it's simple. You just put the water in the water bottle, you go zip, zip, zip, and you've got carbonated water. It tastes great.

Greg: So you can see this product at 1224 St. James Street, Soda Stream.

Nathan: Yep, we've actually, we've got like six models of them too and we have the water there for people to try. It's great.

Greg: Do they come with the red soda fountain stools? Can we get those there?

Nathan: Well we got red colored soda streams.

Greg: Perfect. There we go, we're on the same wavelength. Nathan, we've got to let you go. One more time the website is avivahealth.com, 1224 St. James Street. You can come and visit Nathan whenever you like. He's always there and I want to thank you very much for your time today, Nathan.

Nathan: You're welcome and if you come to our store, ask for the waffles if we have some, you should try them. You'll love them.

Greg: See you next week on Talk to the Experts. Have a great long weekend.

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