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IQAir Getting Started

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Welcome to the IQAir world of air cleaning perfection. You've made an excellent choice in selecting IQAir as your air cleaning solution for your home or office. This video will assist you in getting started with your IQAir HealthPro system in a matter of minutes. To access some of the more advanced features of your IQAir HealthPro system, please refer to the detailed instructions in the IQAir HealthPro manual. This video is designed to give you an overview, and is not a replacement for the user manual.

Your IQAir HealthPro System is supplied with the following items: A hand signed certificate of performance showing you how your air cleaner has been thoroughly tested at the Swiss factory; A user manual with your warranty registration card; A power cord; A remote control and a set of batteries; And, a set of four casters, including installation instructions. Now, lay the box on its side and pull the HealthPro system out and remove all packaging materials. Be sure to keep packaging materials for future warranty service.

If you want to move your HealthPro System from room to room, you may want to install the optional casters.

Place the caster over the rubber foot, and press down. Repeat the previous step with the remaining three casters. Make sure that each caster is securely pressed into the gap, before placing the HealthPro in the upright position.

Now, you're ready to choose a suitable location for your HealthPro. Place your HealthPro in the room in which you spend most of your time. For best circulation, make sure it's at least six inches away from the nearest wall. Locate a suitable wall socket and connect the power cable. The HealthPro system is now in standby mode, and ready to be switched on. This HealthPro advanced air cleaning system has been manufactured and packaged with great attention to detail. Please note that the device might give off a slight odor in the first minutes of operation, due to packaging. This odor is safe and 100% non-toxic. If you are an odor sensitized individual, it is recommended to run the device for 3 hours on high speed with the windows wide open, in a non-critical room to eliminate any trapped odors. Your IQAir control panel lets you choose from a number of menu options, which allow you to take advantage of the additional features of your HealthPro. In fact, there are eight menus in the control panel designed to put you in total control. To take full advantage of these features please refer to your Health Pro user manual for more details, as we'll only briefly focus on the most important features.

To switch the HealthPro system on or off, simply press the power key, located on the far left of the control panel. The HealthPro system offers you six fan speeds to choose from. To select the desired fan speed, simply press the arrow key on the control panel.

Setting the clock is required to program the HealthPro systems daily and weekly timer, although, it is not necessary to keep track of the HealthPro's filter life.

To set the clock, simply press the menu key once. Press and hold the enter key for three seconds, until the hour LED flashes. Simply adjust the hour with the hour key. Press the enter key after you set the hour, and continue to the minutes. Adjust the minutes with the arrow key. Press the enter key once you're finished.

Now, set the day of the week. You have just completed setting the clock. Now, you are ready to set the daily and the weekly timer. You can set your HealthPro to run during office hours, or program it in your bedroom to go on after you have reached deep slumber.

To set the daily timer, press the menu key twice. Press and hold the enter key for three seconds until off starts flashing. Now, press the arrow key once to change the auto timer setting to on. Press the enter key to save the setting and continue. Next, set the start time by simply adjusting the time with the arrow key. Press the enter key once you've finished, and continue to the minutes. Adjust the minutes with the arrow key. Press the enter key once you have finished and continue the same steps with the stop time setting.

You may also set your HealthPro to turn on and off, for specific days of the week. To enable the weekly timer, press the menu key three times. Press and hold the enter key for three seconds, until the first asterisk starts flashing. Activate or deactivate the days of the week by pressing the arrow key. An activated day must have an asterisk displayed below that day. Press the enter key to save the setting. Follow the same steps with the rest of the days. Press the enter key once more when you are finished.

Now, your HealthPro is programmed based on your life style. The HealthPro system keeps track of the life of each filter, taking actual fan speed, usage, and air pollution index levels into account. When a filter comes close to the end of its useful life, the green LED light in the control panel will change color: first to orange, then to red. The filter replacement indicator LEDs, are located on the right of the control panel, within the illustration of the air cleaner. When a red LED indicator starts to show in the control panel, the corresponding filter element should be replaced. The position of the LED within the illustration corresponds to the filters position within the air cleaner. That means if the lowest LED, labeled F1, turns red, the lowest filter element, for example, the pre-filter has to be replaced. Apart from replacing filters, the HealthPro system is completely maintenance free.

Easy Filter Replacement

The IQAir HealthPro has a modular housing design, that enables you to replace IQAir filters within minutes.

Always disconnect the power supply before opening the device. Press the first locking arm outwards using both thumbs. Press just hard enough to release the arm from its snap-in position. Disengage the other arm in the same manner. Pull both locking arms simultaneously, toward the outside. Until they both click into place. To replace the V-5 cell or HyperHEPA filters, simply remove the diffuser and lift the corresponding filter frames. When replacing filters, make sure all arrows on the filter are pointing upward. To remove the PreMax filter, slightly lift and slide out the filter frame. Slightly tilt the frame to remove it from the housing.

When installing the new filter, remember to slightly tilt PreMax frame. To close your Health Pro, position yourself on the side of the air cleaner and make sure all modules are lined up. Place one hand on the top edge of each locking arm. Push both locking arms simultaneously toward the center, until they completely snap into place.

Reconnect your HealthPro to the power supply and reset the filter life using the new filter menu. Please refer to your manual for detailed instructions. If required, window cleaning fluid can be used to remove stains. For tough, non-water soluble stains, silicon spray can be used. Do not use any solvents or organic cleaning fluids.

Your HealthPro system comes with a five* year warranty on parts and labour. To register your warranty, fill out your warranty card, and simply mail or fax it. Or you may also register online at iqair.com.

Should technical problems arise during or after the warranty period, please contact your the IQAir solutions center at 1-800-500-4AIR. That's 1-800-500-4247.

Your IQAir HealthPro system has been manufactured with true care and attention to detail, the Swiss way. Your IQAir HealthPro system will give you extraordinary air cleaning performance for many years to come.

*IQAir's warranty was increased to 10 years with registration after this content was produced.

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