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Making Your Own Natural Cometics

Tools and Materials for Do It Yourself Projects

Whether you're a beginner DIY-er or you're just looking for some new tools to add to your collection, we have something for everyone! We can help take you from creating your products to packaging them for personal use or even for sale.

Aviva carries a variety of digital scales to accurately measure all your raw materials or finished products in ounces, pounds or grams, enabling you to weigh product from just 1 gram all the way to 15 pounds or more. Most come with a tare feature so you can easily weigh liquids without having to worry about the weight of the container.

We also have a wide selection of measuring cups and spoons if you prefer doing measurements in this manner. If you want to up your measuring game, we have a nifty 'Nuscup' tool that cleverly scoops and measures product with a handy slider. This allows you to measures out product whether it's solid or liquid without having to scrape the sides to make sure there's no wasting.

For those wanting to create your own candles, cosmetics, bath balms, soaps or moisturizing lotion bars, you should check out our selection of moulds. Although they're originally designed for baking delicious muffins and cakes, don't be afraid to repurpose them for your yummy smelling soaps and bars or personalized candles. Silicone moulds make shaping your products easy without worrying about damaging them. As a bonus, clean-up is a breeze!

And when you've perfected your product, we carry a selection of sealing jars, amber spray bottles and roll-on containers so you can package your creations. Whether it's a tasty smelling body butter, a calming facial toner or a tantalizing perfume, we have the packaging you need.

To all those out there ready to dip your toes in the world of DIY or if you want to expand your collection of DIY gadgets, please check out our list of tools below you may need to start your adventure. Happy crafting!

Also, be sure to browse the website for raw materials! We carry everything from essential oils to carrier oils to shea butter, and different types of clay powder, for example, or a bulk size of Citric Acid, as well as bricks of raw beeswax.


Digital Scales:
Please see our Digital Scales / Timers subcategory.

Funnels and Measuring Spoons, Cups or Glasses: please see our Measuring and Pouring subcategory.


Lekue - Duo Loaf Springform Mold with Ceramic Plate
Lekue - Silicone Baking Moulds
Mastrad - Ice Cube Tray


Aerolatte - Milk Frother with Stand
Cooks innovations - Zip Whisk
Gefu - Universal Rotary Whisk
Norpro - Saucinator Whisk

Zyliss - Strainers


Aviva - Empty Bottles
Bormioli Rocco - Fido Hermetic Jar


100% Pure Natural Beeswax (Bulk Blocks)
100% Pure Natural Carnauba Wax Flakes

Please see our extensive Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) sub-category.

For Rose Hip or Other Scented Oils or Waters:

Heritage Store - Rose Petals Rosewater or Lavender Flower Water
Homeocan - Essencia - Rose Hip Oil
Kosmea - Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil
Sukin - Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Carrier Oils:

Colour Energy - Carrier Oils
NOW - 100% Pure Jojoba Oil
NOW - Apricot Kernel Oil
NOW - Avocado Oil
NOW - Coconut Oil
NOW - Grapeseed Oil
NOW - Pure Lanolin
NOW - Organic Sesame Seed Oil
NOW - Shea Nut Oil (Liquid)
NOW - Sweet Almond Oil
NOW - Vegetable Glycerine

Maiga - Shea Butter

Other Specialized Oils:

Afragreen - Moroccan Argan Oil
NOW - 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil
Kalaya - Emu Oil
Curelle - Cacay Oil - Natural Skin Oil
River City Herbals - Calendula Oil
Top Nutritionals - Moringa Skin Food Body Oil
Maiga - 100% Pure Organic Neem Oil
NOW - 100% Pure Neem Oil
TheraNeem - Neem Oil
Solberry - Seabuckthorn Moisturizing Oil Blend
SBT Seabuckthorn - Seed Oil 
Hedd Wyn Essentials - Tamanu Oil

Natural Preservatives:

Derma E - Topical Vitamin E
Axel Kraft - Vitamin E Skin Cream or Oil

Clays and Other Powders:

Diatomaceous Earth
Living Clay - Detox Clay Powder - Calcium Bentonite
NOW - Clay Powders
Redmond Bentonite Clay Powder
Source of Life - Premium Activated Charcoal USP
Zeolite Clinoptilolite Mineral Powder

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