Children's Vitamins and Multivitamins

In an ideal world, we would all get the vitamins we need through our diets. However, we don't live in an ideal world, and this is nowhere more true than in the realm of child-rearing. Though we all want to give our kids perfectly balanced meals 100% of the time, reality sometimes gets in the way, whether in the form of rushed schedules requiring quick food preparation, struggles with picky eaters, or dietary restrictions necessary for some children.

Furthermore, there are some vitamins and minerals that even kids with generally balanced diets often need in supplemental form; these include calcium, necessary for bone growth, and vitamin D, particularly necessary in dark northern climates such as Canada where it can be difficult to get enough natural sunlight to produce requisite amounts.

Whether you know that your child isn't getting enough vitamins in his or her diet, or you simply want to be sure, a well-formulated children's multivitamin is an excellent way to give him or her a boost when it comes to good health. Aviva is pleased to offer general children's multivitamins, as well as supplements more particularly designed for specific needs, such as children's D3 supplements.

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