Baking for Natural Health

Control the ingredients, and you'll control...perhaps not the world, but certainly your health! In a world of processed food, it is increasingly difficult to get access to food that's natural and unmodified, and, even when we can, it is often expensive. That's why, if you're looking for a way to maintain a healthy diet that won't break the bank, baking food yourself using healthy ingredients is an excellent option.

We offer a variety of baking aids and ingredients, including breadmaking books, rising baskets, rolling pins, and dough conditioner; we also offer various healthy grains, mixes, flours and other products, including organic gelatin and custard, raw cacao, and baking soda/powder. As well, we carry other baking products not represented in this category; see particularly our bakeware and mill category (including grain mills), or come into the store to discover products that may not be represented online.

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