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Healthy Grains and Flours

Many of us here in the 'breadbasket' of the northern prairies may tend to think there's only really one major grain to cook or bake with (i.e. Wheat, which we sometimes do carry, albeit only in its Whole form), but there are evidently many more, and many of them are more nutritious and/or much better for us given their higher protein content and lower glycemic index, and it's also generally a good idea to get more variety in our diets, anyway. There are Oats, of course, and we offer them in several brands and cuts (quick cooking flakes, or slower cooking whole grain Rolled Oats or Steel Cut portions of whole grains, or even just the oat Bran).

We may also tend to forget that Rice is a grain, or that, like wheat, it also comes in some far more nutritious non- white varieties. Although our supplies (and suppliers) may vary depending on availability, we try to carry brown rice, wild rice, or even rice couscous. Similarly Barley isn't just for beer!

In addition, we usually feature some wholesome superfoods like quinoa and chia which can be cooked and used much like grains, but which are technically Seeds.

Finally, for those who have wheat or gluten allergies or intolerances or have other reasons to find alternative sources of flour, we offer almond flour.

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