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Granted, snacking between meals -- and not lowering the portion sizes of our meals accordingly -- is often a path to an unhealthy weight or metabolism, but sometimes snacks are needed, if we're on the go, or so hard at work that we can't break for our usual meal but need some quick energy to sustain ourselves -- or at least something to quiet the hunger pangs. Or maybe we're trying to eat right, but have a moment of weakness or stress and need to indulge our sweet tooth or need a bit of comfort food. Or maybe we don't need to be that concerned about our weight and just want to enjoy a snack once in a while, but are frustrated by the lack of options for someone with a gluten or some other type of food intolerance.

Well, Aviva may be able to help with any or all of those snacking wants or needs! Although our selection tends to vary a fair bit from year to year, and not all of it is shown online, we do have some sweet snack items (including some with chocolate); many with nuts, seeds, and/or raisins; plus some alternatives to the usual fare, featuring more nutritious foods such as roasted chick peas or coconut or kale chips instead of fatty potato chips.

Please see also our Bars sub-category for granola or other types of bars (again, some with chocolate), including many gluten-free varieties, and our related Mints / Chewing Gum sub-category, as well, for something lighter, or our Seed, Nut & Fruit Products category, where there are also many types of portable packages of nuts and dried fruits available in addition to some of the ones of that nature included here.

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