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Natural Oral Care

Oral care is of the utmost importance for good health, and as important as it is to use natural toothpastes and mouthwash free of synthetic and chemical agents, it is equally important to ensure cleanliness and quality in the brushing implements you use. That's why Aviva offers a wide variety of toothbrushes, flossing devices, tongue cleaners, and other products designed to give you optimal oral care.

For instance, toothbrushes designed to fit the contours of your mouth can allow you to clean otherwise hard-to-reach places; choosing brushes made from more natural and easily sanitized material is also important. Sterilization of brushes with UV radiation or essential oils helps ensure you aren't further contaminating your mouth every time you brush. Tongue cleaners can help remove the food detritus and bacteria that builds up on your tongue. For easy oral care on the go, don't just use regular cocktail sticks; choose toothpicks particularly designed to get between your teeth, or chewing sticks infused with tea tree and other oils that can help fight gingivitis and bad breath.

And for those looking to take their brushing habits to the next level, there are a wide variety of high-tech oral care aids to choose from, including hydro-powered devices for mouth irrigation and flossing, sonic toothbrushes, and electric toothbrushes with a full range of motion designed to give you the perfect brush every time.

We also carry quite a number of Lip Treatments, including creams and balms, and some products designed to help with cold sores.

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