Natural Deodorants

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Natural and Healthy Deodorants

Biologically speaking, sweat isn't a problem, but an important means of excreting toxins from your body. What is a problem, however, is the smell caused by bacterial cultures fostered by your sweat; this is why we use deodorants and antiperspirants, to either limit the amount of sweat produced, or to kill bacteria or mask the smell produced by it. However, antiperspirants merely end up artificially blocking your pores with aluminum, and many conventional deodorants contain problematic chemicals and potential toxins.

If you're worried about sensitivity to such chemicals, or even simply worried about the effects of putting foreign and unnatural ingredients on your body every day, you'll be pleased to discover that Aviva has solutions, with alternative ingredients and scents. You shouldn't have to pollute your body with synthetic ingredients merely on account of your body's perfectly natural and healthy means of eliminating toxins, and Aviva's selection of natural and healthy deodorants allows you to deal with matters of body odour in a way that works with rather than against your body.

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