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Natural Treatments for Parasites

It can be tricky determining whether or not you have a parasite. Many can remain in the body for years without causing symptoms, and even when they do cause symptoms, these symptoms are often similar to those associated with other conditions. Common symptoms include gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dysentery, stomach pain, tiredness, weight loss, and teeth grinding during sleep. Further, it can be difficult to tell when and where one might have been exposed to parasites. Certainly, prevalent parasites vary depending on climate, and they can thrive in countries with low sanitary conditions, so if you have travelled recently, you should be careful to notice whether you are suffering from any symptoms commonly associated with parasites, particularly when these symptoms are recent.

However, contrary to popular belief, foreign travel is not the only means of becoming infected with parasites; in North America, house pets, undercooked and raw food, and unsanitary environmental conditions can all be sources of exposure. Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from some of the symptoms listed above, and can't determine an explanation, it's possible you are suffering from a parasite infection. In serious and very certain instances of parasite infection, it's best to consult a healthcare practitioner in conjunction with your use of natural remedies. However, worms and other parasites are certainly not a recent problem, and various cultures have over the years discovered natural dietary supplements that can aid in helping people rid themselves of parasites.

Indeed, such traditional supplemental treatments are the basis of Aviva's array of natural products for dealing with parasites. Ingredients vary by product, but some standards include black walnut, wormwood, goldenseal, Oregon grape, sage, oregano, and cloves; you can use these individually as directed on the product packaging or, if you're uncertain what type of parasite you might be dealing with or want added protection, choose a product with multiple ingredients designed to target a wide range of parasites.

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