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Liver Health and Maintenance

Your liver has a number of important functions in your body, including filtration of blood, production of bile for digestion, and control of glucose levels in the blood. However, as the organ responsible for blood purification, it is often the organ that bears the brunt of various toxins you encounter and digest daily, including alcohols and acetaminophen.

Part of good liver care thus includes reducing the amounts of alcohol you consume and using alternatives to acetaminophen, such as alternate therapy or natural painkillers; please see our article on the subject of liver care for more on those themes.

However, good liver health may also include fortifying your liver with supplements that help assist and cleanse it, and Aviva offers a variety of options for that, with ingredients including milk thistle, Oregon grape, dandelion, curcumin, and other natural supplements considered effective in maintaining and supporting this organ and its role in overall health.

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