Green Food Supplements (Blends)

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Supplementing With Green Food Blends

Remember when your mother told you to eat your vegetables to stay healthy? Well, as with so many other matters, she was right - vegetables as well as some grasses, fruits, sea- vegetation, and other plants contain abundant phyto- nutrients with antioxidant and cell-nourishing properties that can help protect you from a variety of health issues, including illness, inflammation, and the effects of aging.

But if this is the good news, the bad news is that very few of us get the amounts of healthy vegetables, fruits, and plant-nutrition we need to maintain good health. And whether this is because we're too busy to select and prepare fresh produce from the store, or because we live in remote areas where this produce is rarely available and overly expensive, the results are the same - our bodies feel the lack of these green nutrients.

Fortunately for those of us who find ourselves in these circumstances, green food blends can be part of the solution. Usually powdered, green food blends eliminate the need to worry about spoilage of fruits and vegetables, and are carefully formulated to contain well-balanced varieties of fruits, vegetables, grasses, seaweed, and other plants known to be effective agents in promoting and preserving optimal health. And best of all, there's no difficult and messy preparation necessary - simply add these blends into your daily smoothie, or take them in capsule form.

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