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Chlorophyll Supplements - Powder and Capsules

What is Chlorophyll?

Unfortunately, humans can't harvest raw energy from the sun in the way that plants can. But if you wish you could, your next best option is chlorophyll supplementation. Though it won't give you the photosynthetic powers of plants, chlorophyll is an extremely powerful antioxidant, and seems to have a number of health benefits for humans. In addition to supplying green energy for your body, it also has a range of other possible virtues attributed to it, including improvement in blood health, control of breath and body odor, the capacity to fight cancer, antibacterial qualities, and the numerous other more general health benefits of green food. We may not be able to harvest energy from the sun, as can plants, but perhaps the next best thing is regular supplementation with chlorophyll for better health through the power of green.

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