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B Complex for Stressed Out Days

It is common knowledge that the body needs vitamins in order to function correctly. While guidelines have been developed for nutrient requirements, these guidelines are a general rule of thumb. They do not take into consideration special circumstances, such as stress to the body.

That is where the B Complex family of vitamins comes in. When your body is stressed, be it emotional or physical, you need extra B Complex as your body uses more under these circumstances. B Complex is not stored in the body, therefore it must be replenished daily, either through diet or supplemental means.

By adding a B Complex tablet to your vitamin regimen, you will be giving your body the extra energy it needs to function under stress. B Complex tablets come in a variety of dosages, so be sure and read the label carefully. If you know you will be in a high stress situation, such as an important deadline, look for a stress B Complex formulation. The stress B line of vitamins are particularly balanced just for extra stress levels in your life.

An extra B Complex vitamin is necessary every day of your life, only those days when you know that your body, mind and spirit are going to be pushed to the limit.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2014. Published with permission. Kat Yares a freelance writer and is not directly affiliated with avivahealth.com.

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