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Vitamins for Men's Health

When it comes to supplementing with multivitamins, it can be tricky to find a one-size-fits-all product that will work for everyone; children have different supplemental needs than adults, and the needs of each person's body vary depending on the vitamins and minerals in his or her diet. This is nowhere more true than with regard to the differences between men and women, and given their differing bodily needs and often-differing intake of various vitamins and minerals, it is important to ensure that those looking for supplemental support use a product appropriate for their sex.

There are of course a number of ingredients in common between men's and women's supplements, but one major difference pertains to iron; women usually need it in their supplements, while men usually get enough in their diets, and, except in cases of iron deficiency, usually don't need it in their supplements - its presence in fact could lead to iron overdose. Though each formulation will vary, other important factors in men's supplements include vitamin D for calcium absorption and bone health; saw palmetto for prostate health; hawthorn and folate for cardiovascular health; vitamin B12 for nervous system health; vitamin A for immune support and vision; niacin for cholesterol control; and zinc for sexual health.

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