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Taste, touch, sight, and smell - what's missing? Hearing, of course! But while it may be easy to pick out what's missing from a list of the five senses, it can be trickier to recall the importance of sound and hearing in our everyday lives, even though it affects us just as much as the physical environments around us, the foods we eat, and our physical contact with the world. That sound and hearing are unfortunately overlooked in our considerations of good health, and that we can improve health through intentional efforts to shape and choose the soundscapes around us, are the premises of vibroacoustic therapy.

Far from being mere external furniture, sound, as we know through even mainstream technology such as ultrasound, can penetrate and affect our bodies deeply, both negatively and beneficially. Sound therapy and sound therapy products are designed to provide us with an acoustic environment optimal for relaxation, bodily health, and recovery from the less beneficial and noisome soundscapes we encounter daily.

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