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Beyond Beauty: The Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

For over 6,000 years, women have been adorning their faces and bodies with makeup of all types to enhance their natural beauty. But the cosmetic industry has come a long way from the days of crushed berries and charcoal as beauty products.

Today, store shelves and are filled with every available imagining of foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, bronzer, and so much more. With literally thousands of cosmetic choices at their fingertips, women are left wondering what the best options are for their skin type, lifestyle, and beauty needs. For more women than ever, the answer to these questions begins with making the switch to natural cosmetics.

Read the labels of most popular conventional makeup products today -- you may be shocked by the levels of chemicals, preservatives, pore-clogging additives and occasionally even known carcinogens listed among the ingredients. For savvy shoppers, the choice is clear: converting to an all-natural brand of makeup just makes sense.
Clearer Skin

Few things can put a damper on a big night out or an important day at the office faster than an inopportune blemish. Anyone with acne-prone skin can tell you nothing influences the frequency and intensity of breakouts more than her makeup selection.

Natural cosmetics contain none of the heavy oils fragrances frequently found in their less holistic counterparts. That means clearer pores and less pimples -- something every woman can appreciate.

Sensitive Skin Relief

Similarly, natural makeup can be much more soothing on sensitive skin than harsher brands packed with artificial preservatives. The soothing minerals and short ingredient lists mean that those with easily irritated skin or conditions like rosacea or lupus will usually find natural alternatives to be much better for their complexion. Natural ingredients generally lead to reduced chances of allergic reaction as well.

Cost Effectiveness

It's no secret that a good foundation can set you back more than a month's worth of vanilla lattes. But with fewer ingredients and less processing, natural lines can equate to big savings. Some of the best natural makeup on the market is also very affordable.

Socially Conscious

Animal rights activists have boycotted traditional cosmetic manufacturers throughout the years, thanks to the fact that many of the big name brands test their products on lab animals. For manufacturers of natural makeup, this isn't a problem. As all-natural cosmetics contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives, there is sharply reduced risk of any reaction for human users, and no reason to require animal testing.

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