Humidifier Accessories and Supplies

When you have an appliance such as a humidifier using parts that require regular replacement, it can be helpful to ensure you have extra parts on hand to ensure you don't find yourself needing them and not having them. Whether you're purchasing a new BONECO / Air-O-Swiss humidifier for the first time, or looking for parts for an Air-O-Swiss model you already own, be sure to find out what parts are replaceable and stock up here!Air-O-
Swiss is now known as Boneco

In general, you'll need extra demineralization cartridges or, if you are not replacing the whole cartridge, granules to replace old granules in the cartridges once they are used to their maximum capacity. You'll also want EZCal to clean and descale your unit, and a Hydro Cell (or anti-mineral pad if you're using the S450) to ensure optimal demineralization.

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