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Sometimes the things we take for granted are the things that affect our health most. This is nowhere more true than in the area of footwear. Through accidents of cost or fashion or both, we often settle for poorly made footwear, but sometimes what we save in money we pay for in health. Our feet bear the weight and mechanics of the rest of our bodies, and when our feet are poorly or improperly supported, body posture and cushioning likewise suffer. This is why it is so important to be careful about choosing shoes, picking not simply the flashiest or least expensive, but rather shoes that give you good value for your money, a fair cost for superior quality.

When it comes to finding such footwear, there are few brands that compare to Semler, whether in extent of experience or precision and quality control. Founded in 1863 by Carl Semler in Pirmasens, Germany, Semler has stood the test of time and, though cutting edge in shoe design, still retains an old-world sense of manufacturing integrity and craftsmanship. Designing outsoles in-house to avoid any confusion between designers and manufacturers, Semler employs only the most experienced designers, who develop the idea of the shoe alongside expert craftspersons skilled in leather selection and cutting, as well as others trained to ensure the finest stitching quality. Shoes are rigorously inspected for final product quality, and each shoe is hand polished before it is shipped out to retailers and customers.

When purchasing shoes, the question should not be whether or not to purchase good shoes, but whether you can get fairly priced shoes featuring the support and quality your body needs. Now managed by the fifth generation of the Semler family, Semler has survived the test of time - and their shoes are sturdy enough to handle the wear and rigors you put your feet and body through daily. The company has earned the right to rely for its reputation on quality and experience rather than flashy advertisements. Why settle for shoes that are flashy and cheap when you can plant your feet firmly in a Semler tradition reaching back as far as 1863? Your feet - and the body they support - will thank you.


Features of Semler Shoes

Numbered Map of Semler Shoe Design


 1) Quality Leather Lining
      Breathable and comfortable leather.

2) Anti-slip Outsole
      Grips and prevents slippage through thermoplastic rubber (TR).

3) Shock Absorption
      Lightweight anti- shock outsole for cushioning on hard surfaces.

4) Semler Removable Food Beds
      Smooth, supporting footbeds are removable for those wishing to use personal orthotics.
5) Widths
      Available in anatomically correct widths F through K. Each style comes in a single width. (See legend below.)

6) Semler Air-Cushioning Outsole
      Strain on knees, hips, and back is minimized for healthy walking.

Width Equivalency Legend:
F = Narrow
G = Narrow/Medium
H = Medium/Wide
K = Full Wide
M = Extreme Wide

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