Knives and Peelers

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Peelers, Knives and Cutting Utensils

Master chefs may be able to accomplish practically any raw food preparation with just a single knife, but most of us may find it can go a whole lot faster and safer using items specifically designed for the task, be it for the individual type of fruit or vegetable to be peeled, sliced, cored or otherwise prepped, or for the particular type of slicing or cutting you want done. To perfectly slice and core apples for a pie, for example, or to peel a zucchini to make pasta, or to julienne carrots for a salad. This sub-category includes a range of knives, peelers, corers, and slicers predominantly with handles (including some scissors or shears), plus some manual knife sharpeners for them. But it does not include food slicers or choppers with interchangeable parts which might better be categorized as machines, which have their own subsection.

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