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Bottle, Jar and Can Openers

As we all know, even when we endeavor to eat healthy, not all of our cooking ingredients, garnishes, and meal accompaniments come straight from the garden, root cellar, or crisper drawer. Many foodstuffs and beverages come to us in cans, jars, and bottles, and sometimes they can seem diabolically difficult to open, especially if they weren't ergonomically designed, or if we have declined in strength over the years, or have become afflicted by joint pains or injuries. Of course, there are some tried and true techniques such as running the edges of jar lids under hot water, or improving our grip on twist bottle caps with thick rubber bands, and so on, but some nuts are too hard to crack with those methods, particularly if there'd been some leakage leading to the lid being pretty much glued on. But even for regular containers, sometimes inventors have found there's a better way to build a mousetrap (or to let the mice out, as it were), and have devised faster, easier, safer, more useful, or more foolproof ways to complete those tasks so you can get on with enjoying a healthy, relaxing meal or aperitif, and Aviva's management is always on the lookout for such innovations.

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