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Measuring Devices and Funnels

The key to following recipes to replicate someone's perfected formula, of course, is to use exactly the same amount of each ingredient as specified, and that takes both measurement and some means of delivering all those measured ingredients to the mixing bowl or cookware (or to the blender, or capsule maker, for those involved in mixing their own smoothies or supplements). Aviva has assembled a variety of measuring and dispensing devices for both dry and liquid ingredients, ranging from fairly basic nested measuring spoons or cups, to some innovative scoops. In addition, there are several types of funnels (again, some of them in nested sets, to save on storage space), for transferring liquids between large bulk containers and smaller ones, or for pouring into water bottle without spilling, etc. Finally, many modern digital weighing scales now incorporate "tare" features to enable you to determine the net weight or even volume you have added, by subtracting the weight of the container.

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