Whole House Water Systems

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Calmat - Water Treatment System for Scale and Rust
Calmat - Water Treatment System for Scale and Rust

Price: $399.99 CAD

Sale Price: $369.99 CAD
OPUS - Whole House Water Purification Model 55
OPUS - Whole House Water Purification Model 55

Price: $899.99 CAD

Sale Price: $749.99 CAD
OPUS - Whole House Water Purification Model 85
OPUS - Whole House Water Purification Model 85

Price: $999.99 CAD

Sale Price: $799.99 CAD

Water Filters for the Whole House

Whole House Water Systems, also known as point-of-entry systems, are not just for drinking water (as point-of-use systems are), but for treating all the water to be used in your entire house, including for laundry or other types of washing (or flushing). Typically they are installed right where the water pipes first enter your home (or right after the water meter, if applicable), before it splits off to the hot water tank and to the all the sinks or showers etc. in the various rooms. While some Whole House Water Systems are for complete water purification, and are thus designed to remove a wide range of contaminants (particularly for otherwise untreated water), some are only designed to remove certain elements which may be putting stress on your pipes, appliances, or hot water tank, such as calcium or rust.

Aviva is proud to offer both a system of the latter kind, by Calmat, and several one Whole House Water Purification Systems, including some for completely untreated water. Our OPUS Whole House Filtration systems feature 20 micron and 5 micron pleated sediment filters, and a final two-stage filter utilizing granulated activated carbon and KDF: a copper and zinc formulation that uses the principle of electrochemical oxidation reduction to eliminate a vast number of water contaminants. These systems ensure up to 99% reduction of lead, chlorine, heavy metals, silver, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, copper, iron, nickel, zinc, chromium, barium, hydrogen sulfide, radon, selenium, mercury, trihalomethanes, algae, manganese, trichloroethane, lindance, chloroform, pesticides, fungi, bad tastes and odors. Here, you can choose between the KDF-55 or the KDF-85 media, depending on your need: the 85 model is best for removing high iron levels.

For water that is microbiologically unsafe to drink, or to ensure your normally safe water will still be safe should a water boil advisory ever be indicated, an ultraviolet sterilization (UV-C) filter can be added to these systems to effectively kill all viruses, bacteria and larger pathogens -- including cryptosporidium and giardia. UV-C is the most effective method of killing micro-organisms in water.

We also carry replacement filters and parts to keep these systems up, including:
- Replacement KDF GAC Filters for the OPUS systems;
- Replacement Whole House Sediment Filters for the OPUS systems;
- Replacement filters for the 3M Aqua Pure AP903 System; and,
- Whole House UV-C Sterilization Units.

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