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Water Filters for Chloraminated Water

Countless numbers of municipalities in the United States and Canada (including Winnipeg) have been treating their water supplies with chlorine for decades, now, to kill bacteria and viruses and stop waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, or dysentery. However, in recent years, many U.S. and Canadian cities (including Toronto) have been opting to use chloramines to disinfect their water, instead. 

Chloramines are chemical compounds which combine chlorine with ammonia to make it more stable, in order to inhibit chlorine's tendency to form carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs) when it interacts with organic plant materials which may be in the water supply. However, a consequence of this increased stability is that it is much more difficult to rid your water of chloramines before drinking it, because, unlike simple chlorine molecules, the chloramine compounds will not simply evaporate away even if you leave it out in a pitcher for a long time, and some will remain even if you boil it.  

OPUS has created a number of water purification systems for chloraminated water supplies to tackle that problem. These Chloramine Redox systems use a new catalytic carbon filter, an advanced activated carbon product designed to adsorb (remove) both chlorine and chloramines. Half of these models -- the ones with "Freedom" in their name -- are intended for water supplies which have not been fluoridated, as well (or for people who would prefer to keep any fluoride which has been added to their water there); while the ones with "Advantage" in their name and the AlkaPlus models without "Freedom" are designed to remove fluoride, as well. The AlkaPlus models also have the virtue of adding health-promoting alkaline minerals to the water.

For those with very unique needs, it may be possible to customize some of these systems on offer with substitute or additional filters, or to tailor make a new system, upon request. If so, this might incur an additional $150 fee to cover the costs of the installation, design, and new documentation for the installation guide.

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