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Water Filters for Chlorinated Water

If you live in a municipality which treats its water with chlorine to neutralize biologically active agents, you may be quite accustomed to and appreciate getting relatively clean water with naturally occurring health promoting, alkalizing minerals straight out of the tap for almost nothing. However, even treated tap water may still contain many contaminants, depending on where it is sourced and how it is treated, which might include various metals such as mercury or lead, chemicals from gasoline and industrial waste, or cysts and other harmful microbes. Further, the chlorine and/or fluoride the cities add "for health reasons" may actually make water less healthy in some respects, and those have been associated with various health problems. Or you may simply not like the odour or the taste of your tap water, if only because of the chlorine.

Aviva offers quite a number of water purification systems which can filter those and other impurities out of your water, while still leaving -- or for some systems (particularly the AlkaPlus models), even adding additional -- health-promoting alkalizing minerals, which also leave it with a better taste than bland distilled water. They are easy to use and maintain, and have relatively low operating costs -- especially compared to bottled water -- and some do not even require any type of installation, apart from clipping a diverter onto your kitchen tap.

If your particular water supply is not fluoridated in addition to being treated with chlorine, or if you would prefer to retain the fluoride which may be there, we feature several point-of use systems by the 3M Company, and a wide range of systems by OPUS -- the ones with "Freedom" in the title -- for quickly filtering your drinking or cooking water right at the kitchen sink or counter, as you need it. The OPUS under the sink units can produce between 2 to 4 litres of purified water per minute, while the counter-top units (the ones with "Integrity" in the title) filter between 1 and 3 litres per minute.

If your water supply has been fluoridated, however, you should consider one of the OPUS systems with "Advantage" in their title, which have been intentionally designed to remove fluoride, among other things. Over 50 Canadian cities have banned the addition of fluoride to municipal drinking water, to date, in the provinces of B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, including the major cities of Vancouver, Regina, Calgary and Montreal. OPUS does not recommend fluoridation because 49 published human studies and 34 animal studies have documented the association of fluoride exposure and reduced IQ, learning and memory capacity, particularly from early exposure to developing brains.

OPUS features a number of 'point-of-use' systems for producing drinking water or cooking water at the tap that are particularly suited for purifying the combination of chlorinated and fluoridated water such as the water available in and around Winnipeg (as well as the KDF-85 system in the Whole House Systems sub-category), including: 

Advantage: A point-of-use drinking water system that includes a 5 micron sediment filter, a bone char filter for fluoride removal, a KDF/GAC media filter for removing various contaminants, and a .5 micron filter for MTBE, VOCs, lead, mercury, and a variety of cysts. System includes a faucet and tubing for installation in your sink. For water that is microbiologically unsafe to drink, the Advantage Nano is recommended.

Advantage Nano: The Advantage Nano has all the features of the Advantage, with the addition of the nanofiltration filter. Nanofiltration removes viruses, protozoa, and bacteria (including E. coli). With filtration down to .01 microns, this remarkable filter retains the healthful minerals that make water taste great, but removes all potential harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria, pathogens and over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs.

AlkaPlus: All the features of the Advantage, with the bioceramic natural water ionization (BNWI) filter that adds molecular hydrogen, increases alkalinity and adds healthful minerals to your water, thereby giving the water antioxidant properties. For water that is microbiologically unsafe to drink, choose the AlkaPlus Nano, with nanofiltration.

AlkaPlus Nano: All the features of the AlkaPlus with the addition of the nanofiltration filter. Nanofiltration removes viruses, protozoa, bacteria (including E. coli), and over 85% of pharmaceutical drugs. With .01 micron filtration, this filter is placed before the bioceramic filter, ensuring the system retains the healthful minerals, elevated pH and antioxidant properties of the AlkaPlus.

Integrity Triple Advantage: A three stage countertop model for use in residences where plumbing restrictions prevent the installation of a system that is connected directly to a cold water source, or where you cannot drill a hole in your sink or countertop to install the faucet included with OPUS drinking water systems that are usually installed under the sink or in a basement. This system connects to a faucet using a diverter valve, and includes a 1 micron sediment pre-filter, a bone char fluoride filter, and a .5 micron filter for removal of impurities, including chlorine, lead, mercury, MTBE and VOCs This system is superior to all available countertop systems, with extremely low operating costs.

For those with very unique needs, it may be possible to customize some of these systems on offer with substitute or additional filters, or to tailor make a new system, upon request. If so, this might incur an additional $150 fee to cover the costs of the installation, design, and new documentation for the installation guide.

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