Aviva strives to offer a full range of natural health products, and they are organized here on the website under two main 'parent' categories (albeit with one overlapping sub-category: Beds and Bedding, which falls under both our Sleep and Relaxation and Home Furnishings categories): items For Your Home (which encompasses kitchen ware, air or water filtering equipment, lighting and bathroom equipment and accessories, and more), and this For Your Body category.

This current broad grouping not only includes:
* items to put ON your body -- such as shoes, sandals, boots, or socks, in the Footwear subcategory; or various types of joint or back braces in the Joint & Muscle Pain or Personal Care subcategories; or a wide array of cosmetics, lotions and nail care products in the Personal Care subcategory; and,
* many products to take things OFF your body, such as natural shampoos; soaps, washes, and cleansers; toothpastes, powders, and other oral care equipment, and Natural Antibiotic creams; and,
* a whole series of Cleansing products to help you get toxins OUT OF your body; plus,
* a great many nourishments or healing substances to put back INTO your body -- including not only a wide range of natural foods (literally from soup to nuts), of course, and a dizzying array of teas (plus hot chocolate and some coffee and coffee substitutes) of somewhat exotic juices, but also a huge store Nutritional Supplements, including Protein or Green Food Supplements, and practically any kind of Vitamin or Mineral you could think of taking; and hundreds of formulations designed to address specific types of health concerns, be it to help your Skin & Nails or Hair grow, or to address Men's or Women's Health or other hormonal or glandular issues; or for Pain Relief (including for Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain/Inflammation in particular); as well as,
* an interesting assortment of non-clothing items to place on your body, or some items to place your body on, in order to improve its functioning -- such as Exercise or Relaxation/Massage Equipment, or some Alternative Healing devices, or the aforementioned Bed and Bedding products (which range all the way from aromatherapy pillow cases to King Size platform beds).

Although the vast majority of these items are intended for adults, please note we also carry a fairly wide range of natural health products for Children and Infants -- including bedding.

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