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Natural Laundry Products

There are plenty of good reasons for considering switching to natural laundry products free of synthetic additives. Not only are such synthetic ingredients bad for the environment, but they can also cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. Further, the artificial scents used in many conventional laundry products often provoke allergic reactions in others, and even if you yourself aren't bothered by such scents, many workplaces are recognizing this and implementing scent-free policies, and it is courteous to consider the needs and reactions of others by choosing to wear unscented or naturally scented products.

To further understand the importance of using natural laundry products, it can be helpful to consider further precisely the kinds of ingredients that have worried environmentalists and natural health advocates alike. Many liquid laundry detergents, for instance, contain ethoxylated alcohols, such as monoethanalamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and triethanolamine (TEA); these can react with nitrites to create carcinogenic nitrosamines. Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), often found in laundry detergents, mimic estrogen, and can increase breast cancer cells as well as affect the reproductive functions of aquatic animals. Phthalates are suspected to be endocrine disrupters, and can decrease sperm count in men. Phosphates end up in lakes and act as a fertilizer, increasing algal bloom and often killing fish populations. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a skin irritant and may be toxic to the environment, while its less harsh ethoxylated form, sodium laureth sulfate, may produce trace human carcinogens during production. 2-butoxyethanol (2-BE) can affect reproductive and blood health.

With ingredients such as these in many laundry products, the reasons for switching to natural alternatives are compelling - and Aviva makes it easy to do just that. With our wide variety of options, including products with natural cleaning agents and scents; products that clean through natural alternatives to detergent, such as ozone, bioelectricity, and hydrodynamics; and products for use in dryers, we can help you say goodbye to the irritant-filled and environmentally-damaging ingredients in conventional laundry products.

Natural Laundry Products in store

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