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3Dee - Active Office Chair
3Dee - Active Office Chair

Price: $1,929.00 CAD

Sale Price: $1,495.00 CAD
Aeris - Oyo Dynamic Motion Chair
Aeris - Oyo Dynamic Motion Chair

Price: $1,299.00 CAD
Aviva - Exercise Ball Chair
Aviva - Exercise Ball Chair

Price: $109.99 CAD

Sale Price: $59.99 CAD
Muvman - Sit to Stand Chair
Muvman - Sit to Stand Chair

Price: $1,099.99 CAD

Sale Price: $949.95 CAD
Swopper - AIR Chair
Swopper - AIR Chair

Price: $1,099.00 CAD
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Active Seating and Other Furniture Options for Better Health

Many of us spend the majority of our days in a seated position, and how we sit -- usually passively, in a static position, and tending to slouch -- can have major deleterious effects on both our health and our productivity, creativity, or ability to maintain focus. But there are several great ways to counteract that. In this sales category, we offer several distinct types of seating designed to help with back or neck strain and/or pain, limited circulation, and/or weakened musculature (if those have already become issues for you), or to take a more proactive approach to prevent them from developing:

* a 'Zero Gravity' Recliner: a high-end motorized recliner with multiple positions, which can help reduce back pain by relieving pressure on the spine and even out the circulation in your legs by placing them level with the rest of the body;

* a height-adjustable Recumbent or "Kneeling Posture" Chair, which improves blood circulation, helps you breathe more deeply, using your diaphragm, helps you sit up straight, takes the pressure off both your spine and hips, and often greatly relieves back pain;

numerous types of Active or Dynamic Chairs (with all but the first of these being designed and produced by aeris GmbH, a German company), including:

* a Ball Chair, which you can bounce on to relieve tension at any time, and which can help correct posture, improve balance, strengthen the torso, take pressure off the spine and reduce neck, back and shoulder pain over the longer term (and also comes with an exercise ball which can be used for additional exercises!);

* several variants of Swopper stools: which have big cushy seats and are sturdy but enable you to engage in a range of natural controlled movements in all directions to build your core strength -- or even to wiggle and bounce, if you like -- and are highly customizable for their height or for how much effort is needed to make them lean or tilt;

* a Saddle Chair: which pairs that stable and highly adjustable Swopper base with a saddle-shaped seat, which can be better for you, since it tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips up more, and lowers the thighs, and makes it easier to maintain the natural curve of your spine in your lower back by using the flexible stem of the stool to lean in towards your work rather than hunching your back

* the Oyo Dynamic Motion Chair which enables younger or more hyperactive people to rock, bounce or sway to their heart's content to work off excess energy if that helps improve their concentration;

* the Muvman Active Sit-Stand Chair: which many people find to be just the right balance between being too stiff or too wobbly, among the active sitting options, providing a wide base for a secure foundation while still enabling enough range of motion in all directions to keep your muscles engaged and build your core muscle strength, plus it's quite height adjustable and can be used either as a stool or as a standing aid (if you work at a standing desk or counter); and,

* the 3Dee Active Office Chair: which most resembles a standard swivel office chair but facilitates a far greater range of motion to stimulate circulation and relieve intervertebral discs, including tilting backwards or forwards, bouncing up or down, or even reaching from side to side, all while keeping the back erect.

Finally, in addition to all those types of seats, we also carry several types of full-sized Massage Chairs at Aviva; please see that related category for details.

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