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Alternative Health Products

Aviva believes healing occurs naturally when the body, mind, and soul are well nourished, with sufficient rest to allow natural healing, with exercise to strengthen our muscles and to make easier the basic activities of daily life, and when our mind and soul are positively focused on wellness and love.

Scientific research is finding that flaws in our lifestyle, diet, and attitude, may contribute to inflammation, dysbiosis, a depressed immune system, and disease.

It is easier to improve the health of a healthy person than to regain health once lost. Our goal at Aviva is to offer products and services that can assist in making a healthy person healthier, and to provide relief and health improvement using side effect free natural foods and supplements, integrated with products that can be integrated into your lifestyle, so that health improvement can be the result of how you live your life, and not the result of great conscious effort.

While some may call this "Alternative Healing," Aviva believes that drugs and many medical procedures could be considered the "alternative", and that in consultation with their medical professional, the first approach for all people should be to provide the body with the nutrients, materials and environment required to encourage the body's natural healing ability.

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