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Natural Pain Relief

In the rush and bustle of everyday life, it can become all too easy to deal with pain through conventional over- the-counter painkillers or, for more advanced and enduring pain, pharmaceutical options. But by doing this too often, you may be inadvertently compromising your health. Toxins and additives in such products can build up in your body over time and affect your health adversely, and increasingly those using some of the stronger painkillers develop harmful addictions that can in some cases lead even to death. These are all good reasons to choose natural ways of treating your pain instead of the more commonly used NSAIDs and opioids.

Natural ways of dealing with pain vary in function and means of application. Some may be taken orally, while others may be applied topically. Some common agents in natural painkillers include menthol, eucalyptus, curcumin (turmeric), devil's claw, feverfew, cloves, white willow bark, peppermint, cayenne, boswellia, serrapeptase, and arnica. If you're looking for a particular natural painkiller and you can't find it in this category, it may be in one of our other categories - to find it, do a search on the name of the ingredient for which you are looking, or check our section designated for products pertaining to arthritis, joint pain, and back pain.

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