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Environmental and Physical Factors Affecting Sleep, Rest, and Relaxation

One of the most important factors in the maintenance of good health is sleep. Sleep is the space in our lives that allows our bodies recover from the prior day and prepare for the next, when the frantic matters of daily life quiet down and our bodies can begin tending to the reparation and restoration of the network of cells, tissues, and organs so busy during waking hours. Knowing by intuition and experience the value of sleep, we do, or at least know we ought to, make it a priority, but unfortunately a variety of factors often prevent this; not only are many of us excessively busy, but even when we do finally get around to getting to bed, it can be difficult letting go of the day's watchfulness and wakefulness. Further exacerbating problems, many have consequently turned to sleeping medications and drugs that pump our bodies full of chemicals and make us depend on ever-increasing doses to get unnatural and synthetically-induced rest that merely masks problems and does not get to the heart of the issue.

There are certainly non-addictive, natural supplements one can take to help one's body learn to relax and sleep more easily, but an important factor in addition to these, and one that too few people consider, is environment. Sleep is not only enhanced by what we ingest, but by the environments we sleep in and the physical dispositions of our bodies; it is such matters that Aviva's selection of sleep and relaxation products is designed to address. Use sound therapy to relax you, or light therapy to help your mind focus on rest. Use light-blocking masks to ensure complete darkness while you rest, or glasses that block the blue spectrum light that keeps you awake at night. The sense of smell can also be important, and soothing essential oil scents can help calm you. And if you have sleep apnea, choose a product designed to support and reinforce proper airflow while you sleep. Best of all, many of Aviva's products are portable, so you can control your sleeping environments even when you're on-the-go.

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