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The Wide and Wonderful World of Kitchen Gadgets

Because we believe one of the most important means of maintaining one's health is to eat fresh healthy food, and know many may be deterred from this because they find it a little to much fuss and bother to prepare food from scratch, Aviva has continued to seek out a wide bevy of innovative, ingenious, useful, and sometimes just plain delightful kitchen gadgets to quickly and easily transform those daunting raw ingredients into wonderfully nutritious meals or snacks...sometimes with the eager help of your children!

Granted, just as some pro golfers could play a whole game with just a driver, 3 iron, and a putter, some master chefs can seem to accomplish practically any preparation task with just a single knife, whisk and mixing spoon or spatula. But not all of us are so well-trained or dexterous, and we usually don't have such high quality or well-sharpened knives as they do, either.

So, just as golfers have special clubs (such as a sand wedge) to make specific shots, we've sought far and wide to find you a whole host of small kitchen tools to efficiently master specific types of foods (such as citrus, garlic, or eggs) or specific types of tasks (such as peeling, slicing, coring, milling/grating, or brushing). Of course, too many gadgets can lead to clutter, so we also offer a number of more versatile, multi-tasking gadgets such as mandolines, often with interchangeable blades.

In addition, we offer several types of jar, can and bottle openers (including advanced corkscrews), as well as gadgets to help with the washing up at the end of the meal. As you can see, Aviva is your one-stop shop for all your cooking needs, from start to finish!

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