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ALEX - Wearable Posture Tracker & Coach

ALEX - Wearable Posture Tracker & Coach

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S&H included in Canada. Many of us spend hours each day looking at our phone or computer, or glued to a book -- often slouched over, which can cause pain in our neck and lead to tension headaches. The ALEX-N5 monitors head and neck posture in real time and gives slight vibrations just above the collar line when you spend too long in unhealthy posture positions. ALEX automatically provides a gentle reminder when you need to alter your posture and helps monitor your progress as you improve bad habits.

Info:  Posture Tracker & Coach
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Now available in Canada! ALEX monitors unconscious body movement automatically and helps you build positive posture habits.

Video Transcript

Digital devices have created an epidemic of poor posture. A few minutes of slouching over a screen can cause short term stiffness and long term back and neck problems. We've developed ALEX to help you correct poor posture.

ALEX is the only wearable posture tracker and coach that helps you avoid neck pain now, and in the future. When your posture is poor for more than a few minutes, ALEX vibrates to gently remind you to correct it. ALEX measure the position of your neck and head in real time using an extremely precise pivot sensor and three axis accelerometer. Because ALEX is positioned on your neck, it can track the exact position of your head and neck to determine bad posture.

We've used flexible and light weight materials to make sure that ALEX is always comfortable to wear. A companion coaching app lets you fully customize ALEX, adjusting the frequency and intensity of alerts, and guides you to address bad habits and tracks your progress towards better posture over time.

CEO Jonathan Kim: Research shows that about 80% of Americans suffer from forward head posture and 'text neck'. Most don't even know these syndromes exist. Over time, poor posture leads to complex skeletal issues, debilitating back and neck conditions, and severe pain. ALEX addresses the root causes of chronic posture problems and helps you fix your posture early on.

Ingredients: The main ALEX-N5 unit (pictured below) comes with a protective case, charging cable, and manual. It also has a built-in bluetooth transmitter and is designed to work with a computer app (which you download separately from an Google Play or the Apple App store) which works with newer mobile devices [with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or iOS 8.9 (iPhone 4S) or later operating systems] to record its findings daily, which you can see in an hourly graph, and also chart it over the course of a week (screenshots are provided below). The ALEX-N5 unit is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can last a week (with 10 hours of operation a day) from a single charge, which is done via any computer's USB port using the included cable.
Alex Wearable Posture Tracker & Coach parts

Alex-N5 device

Screen shots of the Alex app in operation on a mobile device (not included)

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