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Vitamix - Ascent Series Blender Containers/Kits

Vitamix - Ascent Series Blender Containers/Kits

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Ascent machines come with Vitamix's newly designed 64-oz low-profile container with a clear lid, but they are also compatible with a full family of container sizes. In addition to the 64 oz container, this new line includes a smaller 48 oz container, a 48 oz container for use with dry grains, 20-oz travel blending cups and 8-oz blending bowls. Ascent containers help you serve, store, and even take blends to go.

Info:  Available as Starter Kits or Individual Containers
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Vitamix Ascent Kits/Containers

NOW AVAILABLE. Vitamix Ascent Containers Canada

Featuring the new SELF-DETECT technology which enables the blender to recognize the size of the container placed upon it and automatically adjust the programmed settings for that size, these containers are compatible with all (but only) the Vitamix A-Series Ascent blenders (including models A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500). A Starter Kit is required to use the blending bowls and cups with your Vitamix Ascent, but if you already have one, you can also purchase additional containers.

Ability to Swap Containers: Along with the full-size container which ships with the units, Ascent Series machines can be used with additional container sizes to create individual servings with your full-sized blender. Perfect for a personal smoothie or lunch on the go, the 20-ounce cups and 8-ounce bowls give you added flexibility and portability.

These containers are for use with Vitamix Ascent blenders only.Vitamix Ascent Kits/Containers

Please note, while the full size 64-oz container on the Ascent models has blades built right into it, the smaller cups and bowls are designed to work with a separate blade base. This base features the same type of laser-cut, hardened stainless blades, but also has a threaded molding and a gasket to screw onto the bowls or cups you'll be blending with to forms a non-leaking seal. Your full-size 64 oz container's blades cannot be attached to these smaller cups or bowls.

Please Note: In order to be able to use the travel cups or bowls with the blender, you need to begin with one of the Starter Kits, which contain a Blade Assembly plus your choice of two containers: either the 8 Ounce Blending Bowls or the 20 Ounce Blending Cups. If you already have a Starter Kit, you can always purchase additional Bowls or Cups to use with its blade assembly (they are interchangeable and will work with either type of base, cup or bowl).


Vitamix Ascent Blending Bowls

Vitamix Ascent Blending BowlPair these Blending Bowls with your Ascent Series blender to create small batches of dips, baby food, smoothie bowls, and salad dressings, then immediately serve, store, or pack them in lunches. The convenient size is also perfect for quickly chopping ingredients like garlic and onion.

Blend & Store: Bowl package includes one blade base and two 8-oz blending containers with stackable lids.

Versatile Applications: Blending Bowls can be used to chop ingredients for any meal and make dips, spreads, dressings, smoothie bowls, and baby food.

Blending Bowl Specifications

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.9 inches
Capacity: 8-ounces (236 ml)
Material: Cups (Tritan), Storage Lid (Polypropylene), Blade base (delrene), Blade (Stainless Steel)
Care: Quick and easy self-cleaning: just run on High for 30 seconds with a drop of dish soap and warm water.
Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty


Vitamix Ascent 20 oz Travel Container

Vitamix Ascent Travel Cup

Use your Vitamix Ascent Series blender to make personal smoothies for every member of the family—and avoid washing extra dishes. The Blending Cup Starter Kit lets you blend individual beverages right inside your travel cups and immediately take them to go.

Blend and Travel: Package includes one blade base and two 20-ounce blending containers with spill-proof lids.

Versatile Applications: Blending Cups can be used to chop ingredients for any meal and make smoothies, juices, salad dressings, and more.

Easy Storage: The tapered design fits easily into car cup holders and the refrigerator door.

Ascent Travel Cup Specifications

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.8 x 9.8 inches
Capacity: 20-ounces (591 ml)
Material: Cups (Tritan), Storage Lid (Polypropylene), Blade base (delrene), Blade (Stainless Steel)
Care: Quick and easy self-cleaning: just run on High for 30 seconds with a drop of dish soap and warm water.
Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty


Vitamix Ascent 64 oz Container

Vitamix Ascent 48 and 64 Oz Containers

64 oz.

The 64 oz low-Profile Container featuring clear lid (pictured right). This is the container that ships with Ascent blenders. Ideal for large batches.

Pair the 64-ounce/2.0-litre container with your Ascent Series blender to process large batches of your favourite recipes. Easily make six to twelve servings in a single batch. Improved spout design helps you pour thick blends without drips and spills.

Capacity: 64-ounces (2.0-Litres). Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz (1.75 kg). Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.6 x 7.4 inches (25 x 24 x 19 cm).

48 Oz.

The standard 48 Oz. container is designed to make small to medium batches of your favourite smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, and more - helping to avoid waste. Its fits easily below overhead cabinets.

Engineered for whole grains, the 48-Oz Dry Grains Container is designed to efficiently grind fresh, whole-grain and gluten-free flour, mix batter, and knead thick yeast dough for pizza, soft pretzels, and homemade bread. The Dry Grains Container's blades are specifically designed to create a reverse vortex, pushing dry ingredients away from the blades to prevent packing.48 and 64 oz Ascent blender containers

Capacity: 48-ounces (1.4-litres). Weight: 2 lbs 10 oz (1.2kg). Dimensions: 6.5 x 8 x 10 inches (16.5 x 20 x 25 cm).

SELF-DETECTING: Vitamix Ascent Series blenders are engineered with new SELF-DETECT technology, so the machine knows precisely which container is placed on the base and adjusts the maximum time allocated to the blend settings accordingly. The machine will not power on until a container is properly seated on the motor base, and certain programs will be automatically disabled if the wrong container is used.

Built-In Measuring: Ounce and cup measurements are clearly marked on the side of the 48/64-oz containers.

Better Ability to Monitor the Progress of a Blend: The newly designed 48 and 64-ounce containers feature a clear lid, allowing you to monitor blends without stopping the machine. The new removable vented lid plug doubles as a measuring cup for added convenience.

Quick Easy Care - Dishwasher Safe: Spend more time enjoying your Vitamix-made meals and less time worrying about cleaning them up. You can either use the self-cleaning ability of every Vitamix container (just put in a drop of dishwasher soap and some warm water and put it on high for 30 seconds), or for tougher cleanup such as nut butters, all the new Ascent Series containers are dishwasher-safe!

Long-Lasting Blades: The laser-cut blades in all these containers are crafted from the same hardened stainless steel as in the full-size Vitamix machines, delivering better blends and longer life.

Tamper: The 64 Oz container includes a tamper to help press thick and frozen mixtures toward the blades for faster, smoother blends. The 48 Oz containers come with a specially designed mini-tamper.

Containers and Lids: (BPA-free Eastman Tritan)
Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty
Made in the USA.

* 64 oz Ascent Container (703113631269)
* 48 oz Wet Ascent Container (703113638527)
* 48 oz Dry Ascent Container  (703113638848)
* Blending Cups Starter Kit (703113628504)
* Blending Bowls Starter Kit (703113628467) 
* Two 8-Ounce Blending Bowls (703113628443)
* 20 Ounce Blending Cup w/ Lid (703113628481)

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