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TrueStim Pro - Wireless TENS/EMS Muscle Stimulator

TrueStim Pro - Wireless TENS/EMS Muscle Stimulator

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TrueStim Pro is a wireless touchscreen-activated electrical muscle stimulation device able to provide effective pain relief, enhanced muscle performance, and relief from inflammation and other health challenges, similar to the benefits which can be realized from traditional Chinese massage (Tuina) sensations and acupuncture technology. This powerful combined microcurrent, Stim, and TENS/EMS machine is a great value, includes a number of great accessories, and may even be eligible for coverage under your health insurance program. Treat. Recover. Prevent -- Wirelessly.

Licensed medical device. S&H included in Canada.

Info:  Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulator Kit
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Product Notes: 

This package includes a number of useful accessories, including an adapter for recharging, and newly improved self-adhesive silicon electrode gel pads and an AcuBelt for extremely *smooth* sensations. The handheld unit, which is about the size of a mobile phone, has 12 therapeutic programs, which can be implemented on up to six isolated, individually controlled channels (each controlling a separate stimulation pad), and it's easy to navigate through those options on the touch screen.

Truestim TENS / EMS / Microcurrent

TrueStim Pro: Life-changing 3-in-1 therapy to relieve your pain and increase muscle performance

As a licensed medical device, this Truestim TENS/EMS unit may be eligible for coverage under your health insurance program (in Canada and United States). Please consult your policy and healthcare provider for more information. FDA approval number: K102598. Health Canada Medical Device Licence: 96615. 8-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electro-analgesia that can help control pain by blocking out pain signals from the brain. It is administered through electrodes placed strategically on the skin, and can be helpful for those suffering either chronic or acute pain. Users can control features such as the depth or intensity of the stimuli to find the settings that best suit their needs.

The TrueStim Pro has two treatment modalities for pain relief:


Pain signals travel through nerve receptors to the brain through the nervous system. The TrueStim Pro delivers bio-electric pulses and rhythms that mimic the body's natural signals so you feel those pulses instead of the pain sensations. This has a lasting effect, even after the TrueStim's activation cycle has ended.


Microcurrent treatments not only concentrate on pain relief but also on speeding healing and recovery, and are commonly used by professional and performance athletes with acute pain and/or muscle tenderness since they are drug-free and non-invasive, thus avoiding complications and testing issues. They are also used as a cosmetic treatment. In this modality, extremely low levels of current are transmitted in order to help your body tissues return to their own signature electrical frequency, which may have been disrupted by injury or disease, leading to muscle pain, inflammation, and other health challenges.

The Microcurrent setting on the TrueStim unit is Mode 11; it is best used with the ear clip attachment, which harnesses the power of reflexology by gently stimulating and massaging the ears, which have 360 pressure points. (Note, the foam on those ear clips should be moistened before use to be most effective.)

But the TrueStim Pro isn't only a TENS and microcurrent therapy unit confined to pain relief and helping recovery: it's also a more versatile Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) unit. 

EMS: Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Mosaic of several picture of the TrueStim belt on various parts of a man or woman as they work outAlso known as neuromuscular electric stimulation, muscle stim, or e-stim -- EMS delivers electronic pulses to nerve fibers in order to create involuntary muscle contractions. By activating both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers alike, the muscles get stimulated to the point of exhaustion, so that when they relax, they will heal and become stronger -- similar to weight training.

The EMS modality of the TrueStim Pro can increase muscle performance in several ways:

* Dynamic Warm-Ups: Efficiently warm up your muscles with pre-designed programs so you can make your time in the gym more efficient. By increasing blood flow to the muscle tissue pre-workout, you will experience less risk when performing explosive or power movements.

* Performance Boosting Workouts: Our muscles can't tell if they're being used to lift weights, for example, or if they're undergoing EMS stimulation; but it's been found that doing both simultaneously can increase the benefits on the muscles being engaged during that workout. This can particularly help some muscles which are more difficult to engage properly during exercise, such as the piriformis or supraspinatus.

* Quick, Painless Recovery: TrueStim brings fresh oxygen and nutrients, via increased blood supply, to the muscles to flush toxins out of the body, enabling you to recover faster.

Picture of what is included in the TrueStim Pro box

What's Included (picture is not to scale):

* TrueStim Pro Device
* 2 Wireless receivers (at the very right)
* 2 pairs of extension wires
* 1 Pair of large pads (shown to the left of the unit; not to scale)
* 1 X Wire
* USB charging system
* Treatment guide
* Belt
* Slippers
* Conductive spray

Suggested Usage: Instructions:

Step 1). Choose the type of stimulator you wish to use (slippers, electrode pad, or belt) and attach one of the wireless receivers to it.

Step 2). Remove the plastic film from that chosen electrode pad, and stick it to the area of your body you want the stimulation applied to (where you are experiencing stress, stiffness, aches or pain, for example), and turn on the receiver (by pressing it).

Step 3). Turn the unit on, using the black button on the top.

Step 4). Select the receiver you want controlled (e.g. 1 or 2) by the unit, by pressing CHANNEL.

Step 5). Press the desired mode you want applied.

Step 6). Adjust the strength of the sensation by pressing the + or icon.

Step 7). Adjust the timer by pressing the time. (An average treatment session should last between 10-40 minutes; the manufacturer recommends a minimum of 20 minutes to achieve results but not more that 60 minutes on the same area to prevent muscle fatigue, for 1 to 3 times per day for best results.)

Step 8). To extend the life of the electrode pads, place a few drops of water on each pad after use, and immediately apply the protective film back on to prevent them from drying out, or picking up dirt between uses. (The adhesive gel on the electrode pads should be moist, to stick; the pads will eventually dry out from use and will need to be replaced. For best results, replace your electrode pads often.)

Warnings: Muscle stimulators should not be used by those with a pacemaker or defibrillator. Generally, you can apply the adhesive electrode pads to anywhere on your body, except the heart and brain area, the front of the neck, or directly on an open or bleeding wound.

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