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Inada - Fusion 3S Massage Chair

Inada - Fusion 3S Massage Chair

Item: Fusion 3S
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The Family Inada is the longest-standing, most progressive massage chair company in the world, which makes their chairs entirely in Japan. The Fusion 3S, the latest addition to their line, has a similar elegant look as their flagship model, the Dreamwave, and includes its main features -- full body massage, intelligent programming, and a wide range of massage intensity -- and also adds several intricate stretching and spine mobilization functions designed to effectively improve posture and back mobility over time, to make it the most advanced stretching and posture correcting chair in the world.

With its patented massage movements, the Fusion 3S is uniquely designed to alleviate joint stiffness and back pain. As the only massage chair in the world to combine gentle stretching movements with Japanese shiatsu massage techniques, the Fusion 3S may help increase your range of motion and restore the natural, healthy curves of your back. INADA massage chairs were created with longevity in mind, designed to last 20 years of regular home use.

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Two sets of dimensions of the 3S chair, for when it is sitting upright or fully extended

The 3S chair in Black and Espresso

Power Consumption: 130W (with heater on)
(rated power consumption of heater: 16W)
Electrical Requirements: 15A, 120V
Installed Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height):
- Fully Upright: 33 x 50 x 29" (83 x 128 x 106 cm)
- Fully Reclined: 33 x 73 x 42" (83 x 185 x 73 cm)
Boxed Dimensions and Weight: Carton: 59 x 38 x 26" (200 lbs)
Recline Angle: Approx. 115 - 165 from floor level -- automatic, continuous motion
Massage Stroke Range: Approx. 69 cm vertically, 29 cm horizontally
Leg Rest Adjustment Range: 8.7" (22 cm)
Weight : 75 kg (165 lbs)
Outer Covering: Synthetic Leather
Colours: Black, Ivory, Espresso
Included Accessories: AC cord, Buffer Pad, Shiatsu Balls x 2, Remote Control Pocket, Operating Guide, Screw Set, T-Shaped Wrench
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty -- 1 year comprehensive; 3 years parts; and 5 years on the structure.

Massage Chair Features

Patented Shiatsu Point Locator: Shiatsu points vary from person to person, depending on their body type, so the chair incorporates an Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System, which uses infrared technology to accurately map the body, adjust the rollers accordingly, and accurately perform a more customized massage based on your unique pressure points.

Therapeutic Torsion: Stretching movements designed by physical therapists relax the diaphragm and arch the back for improved posture and increased flexibility. Tension and time negatively affect our posture, so the Fusion 3s draws upon professional expertise to incorporate therapeutic stretching into its massage programs. It moves through 4 steps in its stretching program, emulating what a person on a mat would do with a full stretch and a back stretch, ultimately ending with improved posture and increased torso flexibility. The Full Stretch targets the inner abdominal muscles and relaxes the diaphragm. The Back Stretch firmly stretches the back by arching it entirely.

Hot Rock Style Heat: The chair can apply light heat on your hands and the soles of your feet for ultimate relaxation.

4 Comprehensive Healthcare Programs + Manual Mode: Designed by professional massage therapists that follow specific patterns of shiatsu massage to relieve major tension with personalized strength and accuracy.

3D Massage Mechanism: An undulating figure-8 motion that balances the body and delivers complete relaxation.

Choreographed Movements: Body weight is evenly distributed over four points to prevent uneven massage strokes. The ultraslow system moves the rollers over knotted tension, stripping knots effectively.

Air Cell Massage and Embrace: Provides gentle massage and grips the shoulders for more effective stretching and deeper roller massage.

Shoulder Massage: Deeply massages muscles between the shoulder blades that easily stiffen by diagonal movements and massages by pressing Kensei points located between the shoulders and neck that easily stiffen.

Neck Massage: Deep shiatsu massage with kneading, targeting the base of the neck.

Lower Body Massage: 3-way air cells stimulate blood flow in the legs and feet while shiatsu balls provide a deep tissue massage on the soles. With an extra long reach of 69 cm and crosswise reach of 20 cm, the rollers extend low and wide to provide a relieving, comprehensive lower back massage. The hip massage takes care of aches and pains by embracing and massaging the hips with firm air cell massage.

Upper Body: By firmly embracing the upper arms with air cells, the Fusion gently stretches the chest while multiple air cells grip and massage the fingers, hands and forearms in a synchronized pattern.

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