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Sperti - Vitamin D UV Sun Lamp

Sperti - Vitamin D UV Sun Lamp

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Shipping included in Canada! This D/UV-F sunlamp from Sperti KBD is a fluorescent lamp, best suited to those who may be unable to receive needed exposure to sunlight or tolerate vitamin D nutritional supplements. This sun lamp uses state of the art technology to produce a narrow band of UV light specifically designed to help your body produce vitamin D better.

UV Vitamin D lamps and SAD light therapy lamps are not interchangeable. Sperti's Vitamin D Lamp is the only ultraviolet product recognized by the U.S. FDA for Vitamin D production in the human body. Ships from Canada, no additional import fees.

Info:  1 Vitamin D UVB Sun Lamp
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Product Notes: Sperti KBD  Vitamin D UV-F Lamp

Sperti Replacement Bulbs are also available (sold separately).

Download Sperti Vitamin D Lamp Owner's Manual [PDF ~0.3 MB]

Sperti Sun Lamp Specifications

Adjustable table-top sun lamp appliance.
No warm-up period is required, you can begin exposure immediately after turning it on.
5-minute timer, the lamp automatically shuts off when your exposure regime is complete.
Includes an emergency on/off switch that can instantly terminate operation of the lamp.
Four KBD exclusive reflector vitamin D producing bulbs.
Two pairs of protective eyewear are included.

UL listed
No assembly required
3 month parts warranty
1000 hour bulb life
Size: 22" (55 cm) high x 12" (30.48 cm) wide x 6" (15.24 cm) deep
Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8kg)
110-220 volt operation (no converter is required)

Vitamin D sun lamps are not intended as substitutes for a balanced diet rich in vitamin D.

How Much Vitamin D will I Make?

The Ultraviolet spectrum of the D/UV-F lamp has been measured and compared with the Vitamin D action spectrum yielding a Vitamin D effective irradiance which confirms that the Vitamin D production process will result from exposure to the D/UV-F. It is impossible to say exactly how much Vitamin D because an individual's ability for Vitamin D production in the skin by exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet energy varies greatly. Contributing factors include the location and amount of skin exposed, dietary habits, percent of body fat and more. Outdoors in sunlight geography, time of day and time of year, also contribute to the variations. Scientific literature indicates exposing 10% of the body to ultraviolet B can generate 1000-2000 IUs of Vitamin D per day. The literature also shows 1000 IU of Vitamin D per day synthesizes approximately 10 ng/mL. Published recommendations indicate that 40-60 ng/mL to be the optimal level of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Lamp versus SAD Lamp

UV Vitamin D lamps and SAD lamps are quite different products with different applications. A SAD lamp (sometimes called a light therapy box) is a bright broad spectrum lamp that does not help generate Vitamin D in the body. Used to treat seasonal affective disorder and the winter blues, SAD lamps do not emit UV rays (they're actually designed to filter out UV light). UVB rays in particular are what help to generate Vitamin D in the body. The distinction between lamps can be confusing, as many people who suffer from SAD can also have a Vitamin D deficiency. A lack of access to bright sunshine can be a cause of both conditions.

National Institutes of Health Study

A peer-reviewed scientific study using the Sperti D/UV-Fluorescent lamp found it is effective in producing vitamin D both in a human skin sample in vitro (in a lab, by converting 7-DHC to previtamin D(3)) and in healthy adults. Here is its key finding on the live test subjects: "At the end of the ...[4-week] study, all five subjects had a significant increase in their serum 25(OH)D3 levels of approximately 10 ng/ml regardless of their baseline levels, and their 25(OH)D3 levels reached a plateau by week 3 of the study. This is equivalent to what was observed when healthy adults ingested vitamin D3 1000 IU/day or 7000 IU/week for 11 weeks." See: Dabai NS, Pramyothin P, Holick MF. "The effect of ultraviolet radiation from a novel portable fluorescent lamp on serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels in healthy adults with Fitzpatrick skin types II and III." Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed. 2012 Dec;28(6):307-11. doi: 10.1111/phpp.12000.

Warnings: Protect your eyes. READ THE INCLUDED INSTRUCTION BOOKLET BEFORE USING THIS LAMP. Protective eyewear must be worn by all persons in a room with the lamp in operation to avoid potential eye injury. Do not use in bathroom.

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