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Olivado - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Olivado - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Item: Olivado Avocado
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Olivado brings you the best of both worlds: a premium, Extra Virgin, cold-pressed oil extracted from avocado that's a superb food dressing or cooking oil and is also an extremely healthy product that can assist in lowering cholesterol levels and help in the fight against heart disease,* and even relieve prostate problems. It's a truly exquisite culinary oil high in Vitamin E and natural antioxidants. And as a certified Fair Trade product, the pure type benefits family scale farmers as well as the communities of the local workers at the processing operations in Kenya, where the avocados are grown. Or you can choose their Lemon Zest type that's produced in New Zealand, which blends in a little cold-pressed lemon oil, for added flavour.

Info:  250 ml (8.45 fl oz) Bottle; Available in 2 Kinds
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* Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets the Heart & Stroke Foundation's Health Check Criteria; it has 10 times more Chlorophyll than regular Olive Oil, and two times more Beta-Sitosterol, which reduces the body's cholesterol absorption.

Know What You Are Buying (Video Transcription)

With so many cooking oil choices on the market, consumers are often confused or even misled as to what type and quality of oil they are really buying. It is important to know that there is a difference.

Unless an oil is extra virgin, it will have significantly less nutritional benefits. However, while a label may say extra virgin, unfortunately, not all oils are true to their label. The easiest indicator of a quality extra virgin avocado oil is a presence of vitamin E on the label.

Olivado's extra virgin avocado oil is high in vitamin E. One tablespoon of our extra virgin avocado oil contains 30% of your daily nutritional requirements. Every consumer needs to know what to look for when they are purchasing a quality oil.

High-quality extra virgin oils retain all the natural health properties present in the fruit or vegetable. Olivado's extra virgin avocado oil is high in vitamin E, beta-sitosterol, lutein, and lycopene. Vitamin E has excellent antioxidant properties and dramatically increases the shelf life of the oil. Beta-sitosterol reduces cholesterol and builds healthy hearts. Lutein and lycopene may help reduce the incidence of macular degeneration and prostate cancer.

Lesser-quality oils are refined by adding chemicals and applying heat. They are then bleached to remove the chemicals and deodorized to take out the smell. This process removes most of the natural health benefits of the oil. These oils generally appear lighter in colour, and often lack the flavour and taste of their genuine extra virgin counterparts.

Here are some other indicators to look out for to confirm that you're buying a genuine extra virgin oil: Quality extra virgin avocado oil will have a daily nutritional content of at least 30% vitamin E listed on the label. Quality oils are packaged in a dark glass bottle to keep out the light and oxygen. The oil should take on the taste and colour of the fruit it is made from.

Olivado avocado oils are dark green with a light avocado flavour. A quality extra virgin oil should have low acidity and will cost more because the production process is much more involved compared to refined oils. Refined oils lack most of the health benefits of the fruit or vegetable.

There are many health, ecological, and social benefits to buying high quality Olivado oils.

Ingredients: Either Organically produced, Fair Trade Extra Virgin Avocado Oil (100%) from Kenya for the first type; or 99% Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and 1% Lemon Oil from New Zealand, for the other.

Suggested Usage: Use the pure type as a salad dressing, a marinade, a high- heat cooking oil, a bread dipping oil, a finishing oil, or for drizzling over vegetables or seafood.

Or use the Lemon Zest type as a salad dressing, a marinade, a high-heat cooking oil, a bread dipping oil, a finishing oil, or for drizzling over vegetables or seafood.

Warnings: Store in a cool dark place. Note: the natural waxes in Extra Virgin Oil may make the product appear cloudy when cool.

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