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Schinoussa - Sea Vegetables

Schinoussa - Sea Vegetables

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Schinoussa Sea Vegetables -- which come in four formulae (Original, Pure, Weight Loss and 5.0 Diabetic) whose differences are explained in the Notes below -- contain powerhouse blends of superfood algae which provide incomparable amounts of nutritional value and work in synergy to provide your body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients, phytochemicals, and carotenoids such as astaxanthin that world-renowned doctors recommend.
   In addition to being the Earth's first food naturally providing vital vitamins and minerals, Sea Vegetables also contain the best source of chlorophyll (better than any land grass), which is good for heavy metal cleansing and purifying the blood, and helping to prevent detox symptoms. These formulae also have powerful antioxidants and have been clinically tested to reduce free radicals. They also help maintain a healthy pH level in the blood, to prevent other nutrients from being destroyed by overly acidic blood, which leaves one more susceptible to cold/flu, fatigue, immune dysfunction, inflammation, stress, or insomnia.

Info:  270 g (about 60 Servings) Per Jar
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Product Notes: For the E3 Live (Pure) type, you can either buy our latest stock, or ones on CLEARANCE with a Best Before date of 09/2016

Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Superfood from Quantum Nutrition

Omega-3 * Complete Protein * Vegan

Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Original, Pure, Weight Loss and 5.0 Diabetic formulae provide an incomparable amount of nutritional value. Their benefits include assisting with:

immune support
brain health
anti viral/bacterial
pH balance
tissue repair
cellular rejuvenation

Sea Vegetables (E3 Live: Pure) - 877999000041 - This all algae formula (NPN: 80052482) with high potency E3Live is the ultimate superfood. It does not contain flax, as the Original formula does, but its algae are extra strength for those aiming for a balanced diet, or who have a stressful lifestyle and want to consume the most powerful food on the planet.

Sea Vegetables (E3 Live: Original) - 877999000010 - This formula (NPN: 80051865) also includes high potency E3Live, the ultimate superfood, but also contains flax, for improved digestion. It's good not only for the benefits listed above, but for overall well-being and preventative care.

Sea Vegetables (Weight Loss) - 877999000027 - Schinoussa Sea Vegetables is a leading natural food that assists in maintaining healthy body weight. A unique combination of algae provides a phenomenal serving of raw and whole food vitamins, minerals and many live active nutrients. A diet high in raw food is key to weight loss and weight maintenance. Sea vegetables are a natural super food that contributes to healthy metabolic function, pH levels, immune function and energy levels. The weight loss formula (NPN: 80058546) contains extra Iodine from added Bladderwrack and Kelp: brown algae known for their superior heavy metal and detoxifying benefits, to improve the thyroid's fat metabolism function.

Sea Vegetables (5.0 Diabetic) - 877999000140 - Schinoussa Sea Vegetables are known for their super antioxidant , pH balancing and cellular cleansing benefits. Quantum Nutrition has added key vitamins, minerals, spices and food ingredients to the 5.0 formula including Cinnamon, B complex, Alpha lipoic acid, and Apple pectin, to assist in better glucose metabolism, reduce sugar cravings, and reduce pancreatic stress.


Each 4.5 g serving of the Original formula contains:
2000 mg of Ground Flax Seed; and
2500 mg of 7 sea vegetables, including:
- 2 blue-green algaes: Spirulina, and AFA (E3 Live certified Kosher & Organic);
- 1 green algae: Chlorella (cracked cell wall);
- 1 white algae: Schinoussa Island algae; and,
- 3 red algaes: Irish moss, Red marine algae, and Nova Scotia Dulse.

Contains no dairy, yeast, corn, wheat or soy.

Suggested Usage: Only 1 tsp. (5g) per day is generally recommended to start with, stirred into 310 ml (10 oz.) of water, smoothies, or your favourite recipe.
2 tsp. a day is for those who build up to that level, or who need it for therapeutic purposes; and for the Weight Loss formula, it's 1 to 2 tsp. per day.
Vary amount of liquid to establish your preferred taste and texture.
Refrigerate after opening.

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