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Fisher Wallace - Cranial Stimulator

Fisher Wallace - Cranial Stimulator

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This small medical device is clinically proven to help treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain without serious side effects. Safe, effective and cleared by Health Canada and the US FDA, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator a works by stimulating the production of serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins in your brain. 30-day money back guarantee.

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Health Canada Licence Number: 92984

Portable and easy to use, this cranial stimulator from Fisher Wallace is safer, more effective and less expensive than nearly all other traditional forms of therapy for insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain. This patented medical device works by delivering a very gentle electrical current via sponge electrodes to stimulate natural production of serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins - the neurochemicals your brain requires for healthy mood, sleep and pain suppression.

30-day money-back Fisher Wallace guarantee

If the device is undamaged and does not successfully treat your symptoms within thirty days of delivery, the device may be returned to Aviva for a refund. Shipping charges ($30.00) and extra accessories, (i.e. sponges, headbands) will not be reimbursed. A restocking fee ($200 CAD) will be charged and the remainder of the purchase will be refunded within four weeks of Aviva receiving the returned device in good condition. All returns must be pre-arranged with customer service.

Fisher Wallace kit includes: one Fisher Wallace stimulator unit, one headset, one Velcro headband strap, one Velcro body strap, eight sponges, two AA batteries, one travel bag and an instruction manual. Sponge pads should be replaced approximately every two weeks.

Technical Specifications

(Parameter: Nominal Value)

Output Amplitude (milliamperes): 0-4 mA
Rate: 15/500/15.000 Hz
Pulse Width: 33 microseconds
Maximum Charge per Pulse: 0.13 microcoulombs
On Time per Burst: 50 milliseconds
Off Time per Burst: 16.7 milliseconds

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Watch the instructional video from Fisher Wallace. Download the Fisher Wallace Instruction Manual [PDF].

WSJ Video Transcript (Watch Above)

Melinda: I'm Melinda Beck, with the Wall Street Journal, and I'm here with Chip Fisher, Founder and President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories. This is the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator. So, tell us what this does.

Chip: Sure, thank you. Well thank you for having me. This device uses
patented radio frequencies, in a micro current of electricity, to basically stimulate serotonin and dopamine, and lower cortisol, which are three key neurochemicals. The device has been on the market since 1991. It uses amperage of approximately 1 milliamp, which is about 1/1000th the strength of static electricity.

The patient doesn't feel anything, and it's used for 20 minutes a day for approximately 30 to 45 days, and then on a maintenance basis to treat depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Melinda: So, can I try it?

Chip: Yes, absolutely. Put the head band on, and then all you have to do is use - these are two sponge applicators.

Melinda: Nothing is flowing, right?Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator Kit

Chip: No, nothing is flowing.

Melinda: Yet? Okay.

Chip: You would just put these underneath the headband, on either side. You just want to put that on the other side, underneath your hair, and then you would just press them slightly so you have some moisture on the ...

Melinda: Okay, a little wet and cold.

Chip: Yeah. You just use water. This isn't a saline solution. You'll get a few drops on you. Then the device is just turned on very simply and used at level one. You should be able to feel ...

Melinda: Somehow I feel like I'm sticking a finger in the water and the electrical socket, just like you're not supposed to.

Chip: I know. Yeah. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of an issue there.

Melinda: A fear factor.

Chip: Yeah, there's a slight fear factor and I think everybody has it the first time they put it on, but then you don't feel anything. You use it for 20 minutes and it's done.

Melinda: Is it on?

Chip: Yeah.

Melinda: I'm really not feeling anything.

Chip: No, it's on. I turned it on already.

Melinda: You're actually sure that this is not doing any long-term damage?

Chip: Yeah, I mean we have not had any adverse effects reported, and we've had people who've used this for as long as ten or 20 years.

Melinda: Now I'm here with Dr. Richard Brown, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, who has used the Fisher Wallace device on some 400 patients.

Dr. Brown: Approximately 400 patients.

Melinda: Tell us first of all, what patients do you decide to use this
with and how?

Dr. Brown: Well, many of the patients who come to me have had severe
problems with anxiety and depression, or insomnia and sometimes other problems like OCD and ADD. They usually haven't had a full response to medicine, or not much of any response to medicine, and/ or they've had trouble tolerating medicine or other kinds of approaches.

Since the device works for about, in the studies, 65% to 75% of the patients tried on it - and that's the same in my practice, even though the patients in my practice are, most of them, much worse than the patients in those studies - it clearly doesn't have to do with severity or the particular subtype of symptoms they have.

It is working on people's nervous system in a very different way. I believe in a deeper way. So, it is more often effective without the side effects of medicine.

Melinda: Can people hurt themselves with this? Is there a way to misuse it?

Dr. Brown: I won't underestimate the ability of human beings to misuse
anything. But having done it with hundreds of patients who are - when I say I have nearly 400 patients on the device, those are the ones using it. So I'd say 20% to 25% had no response, so that's another huge number of patients. I also supervise a lot of doctors who use the device in many patients.

I've never had anybody misuse it. I'd say if children or teenagers are using it, they need supervision on it, which is only common sense.


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