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Uvex - Blue-Blocking Orange Glasses for Sleep

Uvex - Blue-Blocking Orange Glasses for Sleep

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As Dr. Oz discussed on his show, the right type of orange/amber tinted glasses can help you to restore your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, which interferes with sleep patterns, since melatonin is the body's natural sedative to cue us when to sleep. Worn before bed, these specific lenses effectively remove blue from the lighting spectrum, naturally helping to prevent this melatonin suppression, allowing you to fall asleep more easily.

Your choice of style (standard frames or fitovers). Includes protective nylon carrying pouch.

Info:  Blue-Blocking Eyeware - 2 Styles (with Pouch)
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Good Morning America video discussing orange-tinted glasses

The two types of glasses offered here are manufactured in the United States by Uvex, a division of Honeywell. They both have SCT-Orange tinted lenses to filter out blue, violet and some green light, which not only provides that benefit of facilitating going to sleep when used before bed in relatively dim light, but can also reduce haze and glare in brighter light, outside. They also absorb up to 99.9% of UVA & UVB radiation, so are suitable for use around suntan or curing lamps. Both are also safety glasses in their own right (with an anti-fog coating, and a wraparound style to protect your eyes from small particulates or projectiles, for example). The Skyper style pictured at the top of the main photo here and in the left-hand photo below (but shown with a different type of lens, there) is for regular wear, while the other, Ultra-Spec 2000 model is designed to fit comfortably over your existing prescription or reading glasses, and they both have adjustable temple lengths.

Blue Blocking Sunglasses

Nathan Zassman

One of the most exciting areas of my personal research was learning about the relationship between blue light and melatonin production, and how blocking blue light at night can improve sleep and our health.

The pineal gland, the gland that secretes serotonin and melatonin, is sensitive to blue light. If blue light is present, melatonin production is suppressed. We want blue light during the daytime, as blue light stops melatonin production (which we want it to do in the morning) and stimulates serotonin (the feel good brain chemical) production.

Research has proven that by being exposed to blue light in the evening, we turn off melatonin production, and that by wearing special amber or orange glasses designed to absorb blue light, we can increase melatonin production. Normal lighting consists of red, blue and green light. It's the blue portion of the light that we want to filter from our eyes, as it is the blue color that turns off melatonin in the brain.

If you think about how we evolved in nature, in the evening, as the sun sets, the longer blue wavelengths are scattered by the atmosphere, and we see a red or orange sunset. The blue light is filtered out naturally by the atmosphere. Until the invention of artificial light, this was not a problem. We have been programmed through thousands of years of evolution to see light without the blue component in the evening.

Ideally, we want to extend the melatonin cycle to between 9.5 and 10 hours each night. By wearing blue blocking glasses for an hour or two before bed, we start the flow of melatonin sooner. The result is improved sleep, but another major benefit is that low melatonin levels are also associated with up to a 60% increase in cancer. This has been proven by about 40 years of research.

Wearing blue blocking sunglasses is the least expensive method of improving sleep quality, and I believe everyone should wear these glasses. They can also be used to help reduce jet lag if you travel across time zones.

I have evaluated over 30 types of glasses that claimed to block blue light, and I'm proud to offer glasses that effectively block blue. Most of the so-called blue blocking sun glasses available on Amazon and Ebay do not work properly, only blocking ultra violet, but not the important blue wavelengths that suppress melatonin production. You can enhance the effect of blue blocking glasses (and improve sleep even more) by ensuring you are consuming the amino acid L-Tryptophan, as found in products like Zenbev.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright 2015.

Uvex Orange-Tinted Glasses for Sleeping

PLU for Skyper style shown at left: 19422
PLU for Ultra-Spec Fitover type (right): 19421

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