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Inada - Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada - Dreamwave Massage Chair

Item: Inada Dreamwave
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The DreamWave by Family Inada is the standard of quality, comfort, and style in the world of massage chairs. Combining mechanical rollers, air massage, vibration, and heat, the DreamWave harnesses all the power of Inada's precision engineering and quality control to deliver the perfect pre-programmed or customized massage. Boasting all the features to love about the original Sogno, the DreamWave raises the stakes, with a deep relaxation feature available on all eight programs, an added individually controllable heater in the back, and increased maximum air pressure capacity for deeper air massage. Indeed, no detail has gone unnoticed or unconsidered in the design of this chair, which is not only functional and luxurious, but fashioned by world-famous furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita to be a beautiful centrepiece for your home.
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Product Notes: Curious? Find out more about this stunning, standard-setting massage chair in the detailed notes below, or contact (toll free: 866-947-6789; local, 204-947-6789) one of our helpful staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the Inada DreamWave and arrange for a demonstration of this marvellous chair in our relaxing curtained demonstration area.

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Features of the original Inada Sogno

The Inada DreamWave

A massage chair is a worthwhile investment, given the many health benefits associated with massage; however, it is also a significant investment and one that will likely require consideration and deliberation. Given this, one might expect that detailed and specific information on massage chairs and related products would be readily available online; however, manufacturers and distributors alike so often get caught up in vague platitudes or too-detailed technical descriptions of these products that they end up simply confusing customers. Our goal here at Aviva is simple: to explain clearly and concisely the many features that give Inada's DreamWave its reputation as a standard-setting massage chair.

The central features of any massage chair are its technical means of massage. The Inada DreamWave relies primarily on three: mechanical rollers, vibrations, and air. At the core of the system are powerful mechanical rollers that apply various massage techniques to your shoulders, back, and lower back, including kneading, double kneading, tapping, human hands, and shiatsu. While these strong core rollers loosen and relax your back, air massage is applied to your neck, head, and extremities using pneumatic cells strong enough to lift your body, inflating and deflating to achieve a variety of massage pressures and styles. The force of these cells, incorporated meticulously into the chairs by precision engineers informed by therapeutic and professional research, tradition, and practice, allows for gripping massage of the neck, arms, legs, lower back, and torso and the air level is adjustable for gentler or more vigorous massage as the user requires. Further, vibration in the seat and back combines with air massage to add a comforting swaying motion to further enhance your experience. And finally, for those programs and operations for which it is relevant, an initial infrared scan discerns shiatsu points in your body to fully personalize your massage. Whether you are choosing them manually or using one of the chair's preset programs, these techniques combine to ensure the DreamWave lives up to its name your body will feel so good you won't believe it's not a dream!

This is the basic function of the Inada DreamWave but, being a savvy consumer, you are no doubt wondering about the differences between this model the DreamWave and Inada's prior Sogno model. You'll be happy to learn that all of the best features of the Sogno have been kept and a number of others have been added for the ultimate experience in relaxation. First, a Deep Relaxation option is available for each of the eight preset programs (discussed below); the deep relaxation feature enhances your massage with longer, smoother strokes. This means that, in sum, the number of preset programs for the DreamWave is 16 double that of the Sogno. This is one of the primary differences, but there are a number of other enhancements that make the DreamWave even better than the already excellent Sogno. The air massage technology of the DreamWave is more advanced than that used in the Sogno, allowing for greater maximum pressure and therefore a deeper massage experience. An extra heating unit for your back supplements the one already in the seat, and each is independently operable so that you have extremely precise control over temperature. Moreover, preset programs can be set such that one follows another subsequently without a pause, allowing for 30 minutes of continuous programmed massage not available on the original Sogno. Finally, the new DreamWave has an auto recline feature, as well as the capacity to perform various massage techniques in the manual mode without a full body scan; this latter feature is particularly helpful for those on tight schedules.

Manual Operations

The Inada DreamWave offers a range of manual operations that allow you to customize your massage experience. Manual operations last for approximately 15 minutes.

Basic Operations

The basic operations are the heart of the DreamWave's massage technique. There are six different basic operations, Kneading, Human Hands, Double Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, and Shiatsu. Adjustments available for each option are listed below; adjustment of up/down positioning and intensity is available for all options:
  1. Kneading: Forward or reverse kneading; 3 speeds.
  2. Human Hands: Mimics the touch of human hands; forward or reverse options.
  3. Double Kneading: Kneading in forward and reverse directions.
  4. Tapping: 2 styles, Tapping 1 and Tapping 2; width control; Tapping 1 allows for speed control.
  5. Kneading & Tapping: Forward and reverse options; 3 speeds.
  6. Shiatsu: 2 options, Shiatsu 1 & Shiatsu 2; width control available for Shiatsu 1.

Other Operations

Other operations include Rolling, Vibration, Heaters, and Air Massage, as outlined below. These can be combined with the basic operations.
  1. Rolling: Full rolling covers the complete spine through upward and downward movement. Partial rolling covers a portion of the spine, allowing for selection of the centre of this portion's range. Width adjustment is available.
  2. Air Massage: Air massage is available (corporately or individually) for shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks. Intensity level can be chosen.
  3. Vibration: Back vibration; control available for width, up/down positioning, and intensity.
  4. Heaters: Separate adjustments for heaters in back and seat.

Positioning and Other Options/Features

  1. Positioning: Seat reclines to any angle between approximately 120 and 165 from the floor. The leg rest can be adjusted by approximately 90.
  2. Shoulder Massage: If you would prefer a shoulder massage with the rollers instead of by air, the shoulder massage unit providing air massage can be removed. To vary the strength of your shoulder massage with the shoulder massage unit, choose between the interchangeable light and strong shiatsu pads. .
  3. Shiatsu Pad for Feet: If your foot massage is too light, add the shiatsu foot pads. If it is too strong, remove the foot pads.

Preset Programs

The DreamWave includes 8 different preset programs available in regular or Deep Relaxation Mode, which provides longer, smoother strokes than the regular mode doubling the number of programs to make 16 different preset programs in all:
  1. Full Body: The full package, this program pulls out all the stops and draws on the collected experience of massage experts consulted by Inada to render the perfect massage delivered by the DreamWave's precision massage technology. Approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Full Body Air: A full body massage using only the DreamWave's air massage technology; perfect for those who don't like massage with mechanical rollers or those who want to mix things up and try an alternative to the regular full body massage. Approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Quick: A quicker version of the full body massage, for moments when you need a massage but don't have a lot of time. Approximately 8 minutes.
  4. Morning: To invigorate you and give you a fresh start in the morning. This massage focuses on stimulating bloodflow toward the central parts of the body. Approximately 15 minutes.
  5. Night: For relaxation before sleep; this program works to move blood away from the centre of your body and toward your extremities. Approximately 15 minutes.
  6. DreamWave: For relaxation and balancing, this program moves your body in a gentle figure 8 pattern, replicating the balancing treatments used by shiatsu massage therapists; helps regulate muscle balance. Approximately 15 minutes.
  7. Stretch: A complete and effective program for stretching the back, hips, shoulders, and torso. Approximately 8 minutes.
  8. Youth: A gentle, relaxing massage for younger bodies. Approximately 8 minutes.
The Inada DreamWave includes a competitive 5 year manufacturer's warranty: 1 year comprehensive warranty; 3 year parts warranty; 5 year structure warranty.

Warnings: Persons with any of the following conditions should seek medical advice before using the chair: serious heart conditions; sensory impairment caused by serious peripheral circulatory disorders due to diabetes and other diseases; osteoporosis, spinal fractures, acute pain and/or symptoms thereof; persons being treated for personal injuries; high fever (38C (100F) or higher) Ex. Strong acute inflammation illness caused by fatigue, chills, blood pressure fluctuation, or asthenia; persons in the early stages of pregnancy or immediately after giving birth; persons who have electronic medical devices easily susceptible to electromagnetic interference Ex. Pacemaker; abnormal or curved spine; persons planning to use the chair for treatment or for rehabilitation purposes; person(s) with malignant tumor(s); persons under bed rest orders; persons with acute gastrointestinal complaints or ailments such as gastritis, enteritis, or hepatitis; persons under a doctor's care, or those experiencing unusual physical discomfort; joint dysfunction due to rheumatism, gout, or other diseases; persons with symptoms such as qualm, dizziness, or tinnitus; inflammation due to sprains, muscle strain, or other injuries; persons with thecitis or suspected thecitis; persons with thermoanesthesia.

Elderly people and persons with weak bones should seek medical advice before using the chair, even if they do not have a specific disease. If your condition does not improve after use, consult a doctor or specialist.

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